Your Lips Belong On Coach Sasha’s Ass Now

Femdom ass worship time is here. For the last few sessions we’ve had it seems like you’re begging to kiss my ass has become really annoying and out of control. The begging really gets on my nerves and only makes it worse doesn’t it. Since you began seeing me I knew you wanted to worship my tight ass. Your ass fetish is out of control when you look at my beautiful perfect ass. You’re always asking me to demonstrate squats and other ass exercises that I know are just so you can watch me going up and down and putting my ass near you. Your cock gets hard every time you see me in your yoga pant’s doesn’t it? Well today is your lucky day since you’ve been a really good regular client I thought I would be extra generous today and let you worship my ass. I’m going to let you tell me how beautiful it is, I’m actually going to let you kiss it… generous of me, I know you’re welcome. How deep do you think you can get your face into my ass today? How long can you keep yourself from orgasming while your lips are pressed against my ass cheeks. Intense tight camera on my pussy and ass will have you so nice and close you’ll practically taste me. Crawl over to my ass right now, come here good boy. Intense ass and pussy close ups to drive your senses to places they’ve never been. Femdom ass worship has never been so good.

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