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Femdom Magic Control Sasha Transforms You Into A Girl

Im going to take the opportunity to use your transformation fetish and make you into a girl with a really pretty pussy just like mine. You’ve always wanted to transform your Man body into a Woman’s body and I’m going to make that happen with my femdom magic control.

When we met at the bar and I asked you to come back to my place this probably wasn’t what you had in mind. How would you have any idea that I was going to use my seductive powers to control your body and by the time we are done turn you into a Woman.
I think the first thing I’m going to do to you is change your ugly boy clothing and thats just the beginning. Looking at my beautiful female body is making you want to look like me, Don;t be afraid, whats the matter? Do you think you’re going to lose your little dick? You’re going to look so nice all hairless with some sexy bouncy tits. It really gets me off to watch these changes come over your body. Don’t worry about losing your cock, I’m going to replace it with a pretty pussy like mine. See, I knew you would love my magic control, but now we need to change that voice of yours. Look how nice and smooth and feminine you’re becoming just like I wanted. You’re going to lose all your muscle and get thin to look more like a woman and of course you’re going to have nice long hair. Before you lose your penis do you want to get what you thought you were going to get? We will see if you can and if the spell allows it.
Includes – Feminization – Transformation Fetish – Seduction – Role Play – Magic Control

Turning You Ito A Girl