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Double Femdom Humiliation You Have To Pay To Hang Out With Celeste And I

Double femdom humiliation with Celeste and I. We are going out tonight and you have the nerve to ask to come with us. Why would we want a guy with a small dick to go out with us? We want to be seen with guys with small dicks, and look at your micro penis! But, of course you beg us to be able to come with us, and then Celeste has the best idea yet, you can buy all of our drinks for us! I agree with her, but you can’t sit with us because there’s no way in hell we are going to be seen with you. I guess we don’t have to tell you that no woman in the world wants a guy with a small dick. I still can not believe how small that thing is, it’s like your body grew but your dick stayed didn’t. Your dick stayed a baby dick. I’m pretty sure that is the SMALLEST dick I have ever seen. Your cum shot must be tiny too, it probably just shoots out two little drops of cum. The only thing you can do is jerk off to us and give us your money, but we definitely NEVER want to see your tiny penis. So you better jerk off behind closed doors. Now we’re ready, so let’s go! Includes: Financial Domination – Femdom – SPH – Humiliation

Double Femdom Humiliation

Femdom Life Coach Small Penis Humiliation Blackmail Session

Tell me a little bit more about whats going on with you and your wife sexually. I know sometimes in a marriage there can be a lack of intimacy and I know you’ve always told me that you were well endowed and I would like to see it for myself. Of course this will be strictly professional! Well, look at that ha ha ha your not well endowed! No wonder your wife doesn’t have a lot of sex with you! Do you think maybe if you jerk off a little bit you can make yourself bigger? Let me take a picture of your cock so I can compare it HA Ha HA. Its weird I can see it getting bigger even after showing you my ass and its not doing anything! Now that I have photos of your little cock I think I’m going to post them on my site and all over the internet. There won’t be a problem if you pay up and do as I say to keep me from exposing that little dick to everybody! You might want to have your wife come talk to me, she probably needs therapy after being married to a little dick husband for so long.

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