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Coach Sasha’s Sissy Anal Workout Training

One of the most important things about being a sissy is taking it in the ass or as I like to call its, your boy pussy. I’m going to show you some workouts that will help you take it in the ass like a good sissy. First of all you need to make sure your ass always looks it’s best. If you’re going to be taking it in the ass it should look perfect and round at all times. Sissy squats are really good for making that booty pop and I know a sissy like you is going to make your booty really want to pop out to get all the attention. Don’t forget you need to learn how to get that butt hole nice and loose everyday and the right finger finger techniques will get you there. Having a nice willing ass is the key to being a good sissy. The more you do this homework the more of a good sissy you’re going to become.

Includes – Sissy Training – Femdom – Humiliation – Ass – Pussy

Sissy Training Spring Break Work Out Fetish Clip

Sissy Training On Vacation Workout At The Pool

Sissy workout on vacation! If you want to be the kind of sissy that lays out at the pool and beach with me then you’re going to have to have a really cute sissy body. You want a really nice feminine body. I’m going to elongate you and make sure when you come to my class you look nice and girly for me. A good sissy always wears something with a little pink in it. You want to make sure you have nice bronzed skin to be a perfect sissy too. More important is to forma sissy bubble butt, you know as a sissy you’re going to be showing that ass off a lot. We need to get you into prime sissy beach bunny shape. The more you watch my sissy training clips the more of a sissy you will become.

Includes – Sissy Training – Femdom – Bikini – Fitness

Coach Sasha’s Sissy Cock Sucking Training

Are you ready to begin your sissy training?
In this session I’m going to show you hot to give the best blow job ever. I’m going to show you on my incredibly realistic nice dildo. To be a really good sissy its important that you look good with that cock in your mouth. You’re going to learn how to take that cock deep in your mouth. I’m going to be taking it deep down mine to show you exactly how your going to do it. A good sissy takes a nice big dick down that sissy throat and learns to really love it. This is exactly why I’m showing you exactly how to give the best blow job ever. You’re going to live up to your full sissy potential for me.
Includes – Sissy Training – Cock Sucking Instruction – Femdom

Femdom Life Coach Sissy Training

Coach Sasha Turns You Into A Sissy Girl! It’s Femdom sissy training day and sissy training time.
I think we should have a special talk. I think it’s time that we both admit it that you’re not really a man. I think you need to start dressing the part. I have lots of girly bras and panties and I want you to try some on for me. Here take these pink ones and put them on. I can tell you like wearing my lingerie don’t you? Now I want you to start playing with yourself for me. It’s like I have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, you are a girl. I love it. Tonight we are going to go to a bar and pick up a guy with a big cock and you are going to suck him off to get him really hard for me. You’re going to be wearing my lingerie under your clothes. Then you are going to watch me fuck him and then he’s going to fuck you and give you a nice big load. You are going to take that load for me. This is making me so fucking horny, my pussy is so wet right now. Tonight’s going to be fun.
Contains: Forced Bi, Femdom POV, Cuckolding, And Forced Crossdressing.

Sissy For Sasha

Honey, I’m Fucking Your Boss Cuckold Training

It’s time for some cuckold training and I think this is going to be a great cuckolding lesson for you.
Honey, theres something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about. For the past 6 months I’ve been fucking your boss. The thing is, you’ve just never really been able to satisfy me and well, I have to get it somewhere. Honey you have a really small dick. My hot body needs to be satisfied and you just can’t do it. You’re going to learn to love this and be a good cucky husband. If you really want to make this marriage work you’re going to have to enjoy me going out taking big hot loads. You’ll love licking all those big loads from my pussy. Think about how hot it would be if I went out tonight and met a hot guy and went home with him and had sex with him. I would leave right after and come right back home to you to clean me out and get my shower ready. I’m getting really turned on thinking about it, I can tell you are too. You should see the things your boss does to me. Were really going to make this work aren’t we honey.
Includes – Cuckold training – Femdom – Humiliation

I Fucked Your Boss