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Coach Sasha’s Sissy Cock Sucking Training

Are you ready to begin your sissy training?
In this session I’m going to show you hot to give the best blow job ever. I’m going to show you on my incredibly realistic nice dildo. To be a really good sissy its important that you look good with that cock in your mouth. You’re going to learn how to take that cock deep in your mouth. I’m going to be taking it deep down mine to show you exactly how your going to do it. A good sissy takes a nice big dick down that sissy throat and learns to really love it. This is exactly why I’m showing you exactly how to give the best blow job ever. You’re going to live up to your full sissy potential for me.
Includes – Sissy Training – Cock Sucking Instruction – Femdom

Life Coach Sasha Hypnotizes You To Love Tranny Cock

Today in our life coaching session we are going to talk about tranny cock. I’m going to hold this session with a femdom hypnosis effect on you. I’m going to put you into a hypnotized mind set to love, worship and adore transexual cock. After you leave our session today all you’re going to be thinking about is big fat tranny cock. You’re going to feel all your worries leaving your mind as you become so relaxed listening to my hypnotic voice and fall deeper into a state of relaxation. All the thoughts of tranny cocks will be entering your mind and you will accept all of these thoughts because you want to be with a tranny, you want a tranny to fuck you. You’re already so turned on thinking about our session because you want it so badly. I want you to relax and open your mind to new things. Are you ready, great lets begin.

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Hypnotized To Love Tranny Cock

Coach Sasha’s Strap-On Cock Worship Training Session

The weekend is finally here and it’s most likely been a long weekend for you. You’re going to spend the weekend strap-on training your mouth. If you don’t already have a dildo hidden somewhere you’re going to want to get one. If thats not available any thing in your house thats cock like will work like a carrot, candle etc.
In our session today, you’re going to worship my strap-on cock and get some strap-on training. All that talk about cock and wondering what its like to suck a cock and have a cock in your mouth. We’ve been talking about that topic for a while now so, lets get this special session started. I’m going to teach you how to go down on and worship my powerful strap-on cock. You’re going to worship my cock like a good boy, Don’t be shy and come over here and get on your knees. Show me what a good cock worshipping client you are. I want to teach you to go nice and deep on my cock. The deeper you take my strap-on cock down your throat the deeper you’ll show your devotion to me.

Strap On Lesson 1

Coach Sasha Makes You An Obsessed Panty Sissy Boy

Sasha Makes You An Obsessed Panty Sissy Boy

You’re a closet sissy panty boy, a total panty pansy sissy who loves the color pink. You wish you had on my cute adorable panties. I’m going to get you obsessed with them. You’re going to love wearing panties and you’re going to love the feeling of a thong right up your ass. They look so good on me but I know you want to put them on you. You’ll see that by wearing panties you’re going to want to suck cock and its going to feel great. You’re actually going to crave sucking cock! Look at my amazing ass and my hot pussy in panties. You’ll be cute but, not as cute as me. Now come on admit it, lets say it out loud, you’re a sissy who’s obsessed with wearing panties! You’ve been dreaming of the day you were going to wear those pink panties and feeling soft and cute just like me. You’re going to be thanking me for getting you totally obsessed with wearing panties.

Sissy Panty Obsession

Femdom Life Coach Sissy Hypnosis

Your favorite femdom life coach as a new session in my sissy training series. With the holidays approaching there is time to focus, focus on the sissy inside of you. I’m going to penetrate your mind with this sissy life coaching session.
In this session we are going to take things a little deeper and work on bringing the sissy in you out. You want to become more of a sissy, a better sissy for me. We are going to work on a series of repetitive sissy transformation mantras. I want you to relax, lets start with a little deep breathing to clear your mind so you can really focus on me. I want you to focus on me, my words, and my body as I speak. Are you ready to let the transformation begin? Listen to your Coach Sasha as I guide you.