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Sasha Gives Leah The Best Christmas Gifts And Orgasms

I’ve got a special Christmas role-play session for you.  You love to see me with my girlfriends and female lovers so I thought I would let you in on the special gift I got for Leah one of my old college girlfriends.

Coming home for the holidays and seeing good friends is one of my favorite things. I’ve always had a crush on one of my best friends so I thought I would get her something special this year.  A really special gift I know she won’t forget. I decided this year to get her a special kind of toy and it’s made of glass. She loves the movie frozen so I found her a special icicle that will melt all of her cold frozen parts.  She told me she got me something really special too. This is going to be a really special Christmas one both of us are never going to forget.

Includes –  Girl/Girl, Pussy Licking, Orgasms, Glass Toy, Kissing, Sensual

Girl On Girl Christmas Femdom

Femme Fatale She-Devil Sasha Is Coming To Take Your Soul

Femme Fatale She-Devil Sasha Is Coming To Take Your Soul 11 min

I’m the She-devil you never imagined would come for you. I can tell you’re already scared but your time has come and there’s no where to hide. I’m here to take your life and you can beg all you want but your fate is in my hands. I’m going to let you have one last orgasm but at the end of that orgasm its going to be the last orgasm you ever have. I’m going to be the last thing you look at and the last body you stroke too. All you can think about is how much you want to touch me, how desperately you want to be inside me and how good its going to feel when you cum for me. The more you look at my body and listen to my She-devil voice you’re harder then you’ve ever been and you don’t even care that Im going to take your soul and cum. You know whats going to happen don’t you once you cum for me. Are you ready for your She-devil Sasha.

Includes – Seduction – Tits – Face – JOI – Cum Countdown – Role Play – Femme Fatale

She-devil Femdom