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I’m So Much Hotter Than Your Fat, Ugly Wife

I’m So Much Hotter Then Your Fat, Ugly Wife JOI

It’s been an annoying week and you’re coming in for a session with your Life Coach Sasha. I have a really sexy dress on and I can see you’re admiring it. I just bought this, doesn’t it look amazing on me, it fits so perfect. You want to see your wife wearing this dress? Oh come on your wife would never wear something this hot, and even if she tried she would look terrible in it. You want to jerk your cock to me don’t you? You have to have a perfect body like mine to pull something this hot off. Your wives body is so sloppy and unfit, it looks like she hasn’t seen a gym since before your wedding day. Maybe instead of thinking about buying your wife a hot outfit like mine maybe you should get her a gym membership and have her take some personal training sessions with me. She’s still never going to look as hot as I am, her face isn’t as pretty as mine, her ass is pretty sloppy too and I don’t think it will ever become as shapely as mine no matter how hard I trained her. You will stroke that cock and cum for me because I’m so much hotter then your wife.

Includes – Femdom – Home Wrecking – Seduction – JOI – Humiliation

Femdom Life Coach Would Never Have Sex With You JOI Therapy

While I understand that all of my clients want to fuck me I mean look at me. I’m stunning and beautiful of course you want to fuck your Femdom life coach but, its really never going to happen.
Did you really just attempt to ask me out on a date when you come in town ? GET REAL ! Of course I would never go out with you, and yeah I know you jerk off to me online all the time and I know you jerk off to my videos constantly. Not a fucking chance I would never go out with you, you’re a fat slob and you dress like shit but lets get right to it. Look at your cock, no Woman would be satisfied by it. Since I would never fuck you there’s only one thing left to do and thats for you to jerk off to me as I deny you and humiliated you. Well the good news is that I’m going to let you jerk off to me and my hot tits and perfect tanned ass. Come on, jerk off to me.

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Sasha Would Never Fuck You

Financial Support Therapy Through Financial Domination Home Wrecking

Welcome to July, I thought I would begin the month with a bang! A nice wallet bang for you. Lets touch on the subject of financial domination and the financial support therapy you need from me.
Have you ever wanted to lose it all? Doesn’t it feel good to have to pay more to see less. Have you ever wanted the most beautiful Woman you’ve ever seen… ME… drain your wallet dry just by teasing you and hypnotizing you with my beautiful body. You want to go broke for this body don’t you? I know you do, you want to give me everything, all of your assets going to me. I don’t care if you have a wife and a family to take care of, I certainly don’t care if you have to send your kids to college. Look at my beautiful face, and this body, look at these muscles and my perfectly sculpted ass. Go ahead send me some money right now, go on do it and tribute me when I tell you too. I want you to go broke for me, I want you to lose your mind as you lose your wallet to me. My beauty and power will leave you weak and your bank account depleted.

Go Broke For Me

Cock Talk, Does Penis Size Matter

I’m asked the question all the time, does cock size really matter, and how big of a cock is the right size. We are going to go over my feelings on this situation and what I personally need in a cock size. We will talk about everything from big cocks to if you have a small cock what you can do to make yourself useful to a Woman. When it comes to sex I know what a Woman needs and exactly what a perfect cock is. If your cock isn’t the right size you will need to learn ways to please a Woman with other options since you won’t be able to please her with your cock. Thats pretty unfortunate for those with small cocks but I’ll cover this and more. Oh yeah, just to see if we can get your cock to its max I’m going to hold this session naked as I tell you all about cocks and cock size.

Does Size Matter?

Cock Size Assessment With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

Is cock size important to a Woman? Of course it is, Woman always talk about the size of a man’s cock. You have always wondered where you rank among the majority of cocks out there. I’m going to give you my expert femdom life coach opinion on cock size.
Today is the big day, it’s the day of judgement that you’re been waiting for. Your cock assessment day is finally here, we’ve done some great work together and now its time to take that next stop and reveal your cock to me. Just to put you at test I made sure to wear something extra sexy to get you all turned on so you can give me your A+ game day performance. Before you show me your cock I want you to get as hard as possible so we can get the maximum before I give you an authentic judgement on your cock.

Femdom Cock Judgement Day