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Femdom Life Coach Sasha’s Sensual Red Hot Seduction

My friend filmed an erotic 14 minute beautiful clip of me slithering around in red lace until I get myself so worked up that I can’t help but slide my fingers into my panties and begin playing with my pussy. It turns me on being watched and filmed which is making my pussy even more wet so I just take it to the next level for him and begin to get myself off by fingering my pussy and spreading my legs so nice and wide. I could see how hard he was filming me so I wanted to make sure I gave him even more of a show. I think we both know what a naughty Woman I can be and what a seductress I can be. When I know i’m being watched i’m so ready to give a hot show off tease.  I make myself cum so nice and hard for the camera and I know you’re going to make yourself cum for me and you probably won’t even make the the whole way through.
Includes – Sensual – Masturbation – Orgasm – Tits

sensual seduction

Sasha Seduces Your Girlfriend And Makes Her Cum So Hard

My best guy friend has the hottest girlfriend Maya, I’ve always had a thing for Maya since I met her. She’s beautiful and exotic with this slender perfect body. I invited her and her boyfriend over for a dinner party. After a couple bottles of wine Maya was mentioning her back was bothering her and I knew this was the perfect chance to get my hands on her. I convinced her I took massage classes and told her to come up to my room and I would see if I could help her feel better. She didn’t hesitate and followed me up and immediately took her shirt off for me. Her skin was exactly as I imagined it was going to be on my fingertips and I was beginning to get turned on and I could tell she liked my touch. I decided to take things under total control and I slid my soft fingertips over her sweet little pussy through her panties. She was surprised and smiled and I knew she liked it, she asked me what I was doing and I asked her if she liked it. I assured her it will be our secret and to just relax so I could make her feel really good. All the hesitation left and she put her trust in me. I began kissing her deeply then getting Maya naked for me I was ready to show her a special massage I was going to do with my mouth. She told me it was the best massage she’s ever had and we went back downstairs with our boyfriends having no idea what we just did.

Includes – Girl/Girl – Lesbian Domination – Sensual – Pussy Licking – Femdom

Seducing Your Girlfriend

Femdom Life Coach Gets Herself Off

Even I get stressed out during the holidays. I thought I would end the year off with an explosive orgasm and allow you pay for what you’re always asking me. You always talk about how you picture the way I pleasure myself in private, what are the faces I make when I climax and now you’re going to find out. You’re going to feel a bit of financial domination, greed and sensuality as I make you pay to watch me get myself off.

You’re always asking me what it takes to get me off and how you would love to see me cum and get myself off. You want to know what I do when I masturbate and the sounds I make. You’re in luck I’m incredibly horny and I really need to play with my pussy. But, theres one thing, you’re going to have to pay me more than usual to watch me cum. I’m so so turned on today and I’m going to cum so hard. How badly do you want to watch me cum? How badly do you want to see my work myself up until I get off? I know you want it bad and that’s why you’re going to pay me!. You’re going to wish you were here with me to lick up my dripping wet pussy.

Includes – Seduction – Tease – Masturbation – Orgasm – Insane Hotness

Pay For My Orgasm

Good Boy Fetish For Femdom Life Coach Sasha

Being told your a good boy feels so good. You come to me and strive to be a good boy for me. Are you a good boy for your Femdom life coach? We have a few things to work on, you were late to our session today and you know I have a strict policy that tells you to be waiting for me at least 10 minutes before the session. Let’s not let that happen again ok, let me just remind you when when you started our sessions you did sign the agreement which does state that you will be charged $10 per minute for every minute that you are late and the fees will be charged to your account on file. I looked over your food and exercise diary for the week and that also was a huge let down. You want to be a good boy don’t you? We are going to work on this until you get it right. You DO want to be a good boy don’t you??? Good, Now let me here you say “Yes Miss Adams I want to be a good boy for you” Say it again now louder because you didn’t say it with enough meaning…… Thats my good boy. Now you’re starting to get it. Now lets see how good of a boy you can be for me today. Do you have what it takes to be a good boy for me?

Good Boy Jerk Off Instruction

Femdom Natural Beauty Jerk Off Instruction

You worship my beautiful dominant Femdom body because it’s perfect and natural. Zero enhancements just the perfection I was born with.

It’s nice to have you back for another session. So, I’ve been doing a study about men preferring natural beauty over surgically enhanced beauty. Do you ever tired of all those barbies with the big fake boobs and botoxed up faces. I understand that the botox lips might be fun to suck on your cock but, you don’t want to kiss those do you? No, I didn’t think you did. You like sexy pretty natural lips like mine . A natural beauty like me doesn’t need to get fake tits, botox or tattoos. I wouldn’t want to alter my magnificent body, look at it… Look at my beautiful lean body and perky natural perfect Goddess tits. My natural beauty makes your cock so hard doesn’t it. You want to stroke your cock to my natural perfection don’t you. Lets see if that study is right, take your cock out for me right now it looks so hard in your pants. You’re getting so hard for my body right now. My natural beauty is hypnotizing you, so perfect and so smooth my skin is so soft and so naturally perfect. Keep stroking to my natural beauty and lets see if the study is right.


Natural Beauty Jerk Off Instruction