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Coach Sasha Puts You Into A Hypnotic Stroke And Spend Trance

Are you ready to get your cock nice and hard for me and open up your wallet? I’m going to put you into the hottest hypnotic jerk off trance and its going to make you want to spend away on me. You’re going to become entranced by my beautiful body and become so weak. your mind is going to become totally hypnotized to want to give to me. My tits and my gorgeous long legs keep your eyes locked in as you go deeper and deeper into a spending trance. You’re going to want to go to my wish list and buy me things, you’re going to want to send me gift cards, you’re going to feel the need to tribute me with cash, You’re going to buy more and more of my clips. You need to give your Goddess everything, you’re so addicted to pleasing me that all you can do is masturbate and pay me. You get so much pleasure from giving me whatever I want. You love when I hypnotize you, it feels so good you’re so addicted you need to give Goddess everything. I’m going to have you empty out all your savings to give to me. I want it all and theres no coming back from this hypnotic spell I’ve put on you

Includes – Hypnosis – Financial Domination – Femdom – Seduction – Home Wrecking – Jerk Off Instruction

Financial Domination Hypnosis

Bikini Fetish Stroke For Sasha Orgasm Seduction Cum For Me

Stroke For Sasha Orgasm Seduction Cum For Me As I Get Myself Off
I was feeling so turned on when I got this hot new bathing suit. I went over to my friends studio to make a few clips and I suddenly got so turned on seeing how hard his cock was getting while I was being filmed. I was so wet I started touching myself and I knew I had to make myself cum. I look right at you and make you feel like you’re right here with me as I give your cock a few strokes and then get back to my little wet pussy. My body looks so tan and so hot you’re going to cum so hard with me. You’re going to love the way I put my ass right at the camera and spread it so nice for you as I play with my pussy. Cum with me, I know you want too.

Includes – Seduction – Moaning – Orgasm – Pussy – Bikini – Tits

Bikini Masturbation

Wet Dream Hypnosis With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

I’m Going To Give You Wet Dreams Every Night Hypnotizing JOI
I’m going to give you wet dreams about me every night, you’re going to feel so young again when you keep waking up and your sheets are all sticky. You’re going to be stroking your cock in your sleep for me. When you wake up you’re not even going to know what happened. Every single night you’ll be dreaming of my body and how much I turn you on. Every curve or my body on your brain hypnotizing you to stroke in your sleep. You’re going to be cumming so hard for me and the only thing you’ll wake up knowing is how hot it must have been. You’ll know you must have been thinking about me because no one else can give you orgasms like I can. I’m the hottest wet dream you’re ever going to have.
Includes – Hypnosis – Sensual – JOI

Wet Dream Hypnosis

Sasha Enslaves You And Your Wife Her Slave

I’m going to make boy you and your wife my slave bitches. I’m going to won you both and make you do all kinds of things for me. You’re going to both be my bitched and i’m going to make your wife do all kinds of nasty things. I might go out and find a hot guy with a really big cock and let him cum inside my pussy just so I can make your wife lick it up. I’m going to have you as my assistant running errands for me and you’ll do it all with a smile on your face. Look at my insanely hot body because it’s going to make you do whatever I ask of you. You’re both so pathetic and should be so happy that you’re getting the chance to serve a Goddess like me. You should be grateful you get to look at such greatness and perfection. You’re going to sit in the corner and watch your wife lick the cum from my pussy and its going to be so fun as Im looking at you laughing at you. From now on you’re both my slaves.

Husband And Wife Slave

Sasha’s Pretty Poison Seduction Femme Fatale Fetish

Sasha’s Pretty Poison Seduction 12:00
I saw you staring at me in the club all night long and I knew you were too scared to approach me. Now that I’m talking to you I think you should buy me a drink and lets see where the night takes us. You’re seduced into leaving with me and surely you think you’re going to have sex with me. You’re in for a seductive femme fatale surprise. While I’m teasing you and showing off my beautiful body that you were lusting over all night at the club you begin to feel a bit woozy in your mind as your hard cock keeps getting harder. While you went to the restroom in the club I slipped a little something in your drink and now you’re mine and I’m going to have my way with you and use you and leave you left another breathless drone who will do whatever I say. You should be very careful when walking into this femme fatales web.
Includes – Executrix – Humiliation – Femme Fatale – Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction

Pretty Poison