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She Hulk Sasha Transforms into A Horny Cum Addict Role Play

I made something a little different, a super hot and powerful role play that’s going to get you so fucking hard for me. Watch the sex beast inside of me come out. 

She Hulk Sasha Transforms into A Horny Cum Addict Role Play
I made something a little different, a super hot and powerful role play that’s going to get you so fucking hard for me. Watch the sex beast inside of me come out. 
I just woke up and I don’t understand why all my clothes are ripped up. I can’t remember what happened? I think I had some kind of transformation in the middle of the night but my head feels so foggy and I really can’t remember. The only thing I know is that I feel really good but I can’t believe whats going on because I have no idea what happened. I think the She Hulk took over my body again. I think it’s starting to happen again, all my muscles are getting this feeling and I’m becoming so horny. My pussy is so fucking wet, I just don’t know whats happening but the transformation is happening again right now! The transformation is happening and I’m growing again getting bigger and bigger and more and more horny! I feel so fucking strong and horny. Shit, theres someone at the door ! Get in here right now, I’m going to use your cock because I’m really sick of using my fingers right now and I’m really fucking horny! I feel so powerful as I use your cock because I need to cum so bad!

Includes – Role Play – Growth Transformation – Orgasm – Moaning – Pussy – Tits

Dr. Sasha And Dr. Jessica’s Sexual Transformation Serum Session

Happy July, lets start this month off with a BANG! I did a really hot role play fantasy with one of my lovers Jessica. You’ve seen Jessica and I together before and loves it so much that I have her back for more.

Dr. Sasha And Dr. Jessica’s Sexual Transformation Serum Session

Dr Sasha is at home enjoying the company of her friend Jessica, who is also a colleague of Dr. Sasha’s at the at a medical clinic. They talk about the growth serum breakthroughs Sasha has made. ” I also know something that you have been keeping from everyone” Jessica says. “What do you mean?” Dr Jessica asks. “I happen to know that you have tested the serum on yourself.” says Jessica slyly. Sasha sits stunned. Unsure of whether or not to deny her accusations. ” A few weeks ago I stopped by your place to say hi. I was going to surprise you.” Jessica says. “And?” Sasha asks nervously. “Well, you weren’t…home” she says slowly. “Someone, I mean SOMETHING was here” Dr. Sasha is immediately thrown into a panic. Jessica must have come by during one of her transformations and witnessed the whole thing! “I watched you change, I saw what you became.” Jessica reveals. “Don’t worry!” Jessica assures her, moving in on Sasha, touching her leg. “I’m not going to tell anyone, in fact I want it too.” Jessica smiles deviously. Sasha looks at Jessica perplexed, “What do you mean? What do you want?” she asks. ” I want to feel it,” explains Jessica, ” I want to experience it. The lust. The raw power. The incredible sexual release. I want it ALL!” Sasha glances down nervously, “You don’t know what you’re asking,” Sasha warns, speaking softly. “You don’t know what it does to you, yes it’s incredible, but there are risks.”
Contains: Role Play Clothes Destruction, Girl Girl, Kissing, & Female Orgasm.


Secretary Sasha Seduces The Boss Virtual Sex Role Play

Secretary Sasha Seduces The Boss Virtual Sex Role Play
We’re out of town on a business trip and you’re mad at me for the way I was flirting with our married big money client. I know exactly how to get you to stop being mad at me and maybe you’ll even give me a little bit of a raise. I come over to your hotel room to try and calm you down about this and keep you from being so worried that I fucked it up. You know I can fix all of this, I’m the best at what I do and I always solve problems. I finally get you nice and relaxed and start to take your mind off things. I begin to undress in front of you and reach over and put my hand on your raging hard cock that I can see. I take your cock out and begin to stroke it and ask you if you want to fuck me. Of course you say yes and once again secretary Sasha solves all the problems and all your worries go away.
Includes – Role Play – Virtual Sex – Orgasm – Pussy – Tits

Virtual Office Sex

Boyfriend Role Play Cum Eating Instruction Life Coaching

Lets end the week with a really good role play. You already know that to be my boyfriend its going to require doing exactly as I want. I’m high maintenance but you want to be with me don’t you? You want to be an incredible boyfriend. Show me what a good boyfriend you’re going to be for me.

Honey, you know how much I love the taste of cum well, I’ve been wanting you to do something for me. I thought it would be so hot having my own boyfriend eat his own load for me. You know you satisfy me so much but, I really want to watch you stroke your cock for me and eat that load up. You know how much I love sucking your cock and swelling your cum thats why I know you’re going to love it too. Its going to taste so good and i’m getting so turned on watching you stroke and get so hard for me. Baby, I want you to give yourself the best facial for me, holding out your tongue try and catch every last cum of that big load. You’re so sexy when you stroke for me baby. You’re getting so close baby, Now, just aim your cock right at your face and get every drop of your load thats going to shoot.

Includes – GFE – Cum Eating Instruction – Pussy – Ass – Sensual – Role Play – JOI

Cum Eating Instruction Role Play

Sasha Gives Leah The Best Christmas Gifts And Orgasms

I’ve got a special Christmas role-play session for you.  You love to see me with my girlfriends and female lovers so I thought I would let you in on the special gift I got for Leah one of my old college girlfriends.

Coming home for the holidays and seeing good friends is one of my favorite things. I’ve always had a crush on one of my best friends so I thought I would get her something special this year.  A really special gift I know she won’t forget. I decided this year to get her a special kind of toy and it’s made of glass. She loves the movie frozen so I found her a special icicle that will melt all of her cold frozen parts.  She told me she got me something really special too. This is going to be a really special Christmas one both of us are never going to forget.

Includes –  Girl/Girl, Pussy Licking, Orgasms, Glass Toy, Kissing, Sensual

Girl On Girl Christmas Femdom