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Sasha’s Hypnotic Mind Blowing Intense Orgasm

You love hearing about how often I masturbate and the details of it. Your cock gets so hard when you hear me tell you every little detail about how I get myself to cum nice and hard. I love to use my orgasms against you. I love to fuck with your weak mind and tease you with my body and my orgasms. I’m going to do a strip tease and get down to my beautiful natural body. I’m slowly going to glide my fingers down my my pretty tight pussy and play with myself. When I get myself nice and wet playing with my clip I’m going to use my fingers to fuck my wet tight little pussy until I cum. I know you’re going to stroke your cock while you watch me. Do you think you can cum at the same time that I do?
Includes – Masturbation – Pussy – Orgasm – Mind Fuck – Femdom

Hypnotic Orgasm Worship