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Pillow Humping Humiliation Part 2

Pillow humping addictions really are a favorite fetish of mine. They really bring out the bitch in me and you love coming to my sessions catching me in a really bitchy mood. You can feel that icey glare of mine and know I’m going to humiliate you during our time together. Your cock gets hard as you see my mind moving a million miles a minute ready to laugh at that small cock of yours that so hard in your pants.
You spend your weekends alone and find yourself cruising all the porn sites looking at all the hot girls you can’t have but of course then you found me and you knew there was no turning back. You wanted to spend the night with me. You also know that a girl like me is out on a weekend night hooking up with hot guys with big cocks, making out with sexy girls. dancing and drinking all while you’re home jerking off while you’re wishing you were taking me home to fuck. Look at my incredible body mocking you, making your cock so hard as I play with my pussy and tits and straddle my pillow. Well guess what, you’re going to fuck your pillow tonight loser and you’re going to fuck it and think about ME getting fucked by a real man. You’re a pillow fucker and you’re always going to be a pillow fucker. Your pillow is the best pussy you will ever get! You need your Coach Sasha’s humiliation!