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Coach Sasha’s Dick Is Bigger Than Yours. Ultimate Humiliation

You’re such a weak pussy, you’ve been seeing me for a year and you’re still just a weak ass loser who’s made little to no progress. My cock is so much bigger than yours pussy boy. Look at your Coach Sasha’s big virtual cock compared to your tiny excuse for a dick. You can almost see how huge my cock is coming straight out of my pretty pussy. You’re going to be down on your knees for me like a pathetic loser pussy and you’re going to suck my huge cock. Do you like sucking my big huge dick? Your little dick is about the size of my pinky. You know I really did think after all this time with me you would have shown at least a little improvement but, you’re really nothing but a pussy.
Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Pussy

My Dick Is Bigger Thank Yours

Worship Coach Sasha’s Oiled Up Ass

Happy Monday,I want you to start your week on your hands and knees beneath my sweet ass. You have an addiction to my ass and now i’m going to make it more intense with my shiny ass cheeks. Teasing you gets me off and this mASSterpiece is going to get you so hard for me.

Coach Sasha’s Oiled Up Ass Worship

I’m going to oil up my beautiful ass and perfect little pussy and get you more addicted to my ass then you already are. My tiny little booty shorts look so good on my ass and Im going to put it right in your face. Get right up under my ass as I get it all nice and oiled up to tease you. My pretty oiled up ass and pussy makes you so submissive. Show me how much you love my shiny pretty perfect ass and pussy. You love when I spread my oiled up shiny ass showing off my pretty pussy and think about cumming all over that glossed up ass of mine. Start stroking to my shiny oiled up ass and give me the worship that I want.
Includes – Ass Worship – Pussy – Femdom – Seduction

Oiled Up Ass

Sasha Blackmails You Into Eating Your Own Cum CEI 2

Your Femdom life coaching session for the weekend is going to begin with some cum eating instruction. We’ve been seeing each other for a while now but every once and a while I need to remind you who the real boss is. Today I’m going to make you jerk off and eat it. What do you mean you don’t want to do it? Didn’t I just tell you that I’m the boss! Seeing as I have all this information on you I don’t think your friends and family would want to hear about our sessions and the discreet things you tell me. This way you really know you belong to me and that I’m in charge and can get you to do whatever I want.

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Cum Eating Instruction Blackmail

Femdom Life Coach Pillow Humping Humiliation Lesson

A brand new Femdom life coach video that will have you feeling so good upon watching and following the session. Are you pillow fucker? Do you have a pillow humping fetish?

Pillow Humping Humiliation Lesson 1

I know since you’ve been coming to our sessions you’ve been having sexual thoughts about me. Since you’re never going to have sex with me and the closest thing you’re going to get is fucking pillow and calling it Sasha. I’m going to show you how to do it and tell you how to jerk your cock off. Your Life Coach knows exactly how to get your sex life going. It’s going to feel really good, this is going to be some of the best pussy you’re ever going to get. I will be laughing at you as I seduce you, I will be humiliating you as I see fit. Go get your pillow and lets get to your first Pillow humping coached session.

Pillow Humping Humiliation