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Public Masturbation On The Beach Nipple Hypnosis

I love public masturbation, its one of my favorite things wondering if someones watching me or maybe I might get caught. As my clients knew I was just on vacation and had the most amazing time.
I found this special place at a beach on vacation and made this hot clip for you to lust and stroke too. I was just playing around on the beach thats near a golf course when I decided to do a hot topless clip but then all the sudden I got incredibly turned on and I knew I had to cum and get myself off. The hot sun on my tits and my nipples glistening in the sun felt so good. I can cum from just playing with my nipples. I had to be quiet because there were golf carts in the distance and people walking around at the resort. There was no way I was turning back until I had a great orgasm.
Includes – Public Nudity – Orgasm – Tease – Masturbation – Nipples

Public Masturbation On The Beach

Femdom Life Coach Nipple Hypnosis Worship

The beginning of another stressful week is here so we are going to start this weeks fetish life coaching session with some relaxation. The Summer and all the family time is a time of stress now im going to aleve that stress rom your life with some intende nipple worship with a beautiful nipple hypnosis session.
You are going to become completely hypnotized by my hard nipples. During our sessions you’ve noticed that my nipples are always hard during our sessions. My nipples are always hard, the harder they are the more controlling I become. You will fall into a deep trance and feel the inspirational power my nipples have over you. Staring at them you realize how much power they have over you. Even when I wake you up you will have a constant longing for my nipples and how you love them and the feeling to be hypnotized by them.

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