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Femdom Life Coach Body Brainwashing

I love the power over you and I love when I get you wrapped around my beautiful body. I’m going to brainwash you with my seduction, you think you’re coming to see me for our regular appointment but this one is even more powerful. You can’t resist the way I flaunt my body at you brainwashing you into obeying everything that I say. You’re already so weak for me but I want you even weaker, I want to brainwash you even deeper and make you even more in love with me. I am going to brainwash you to where you only stroke your cock for me and my beautiful body. Scrubbing your mind free of anyone else, only getting hard and cumming for your Coach Sasha. Includes – Brainwashing – Sensual – Femdom – Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction – Hypnosis

Body Brainwash