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I’m Your Jerk Off Habit You Just Cant Break Masturbation Addiction JOI

So, That email you sent me telling me that your masturbation addiction has doubled since we started our sessions seemed urgent I’m glad I could get you in this week to see me.
So you’re now masturbating twice as much!! You masturbate to me? Now you come to my office to talk about your masturbation problem and tell me that i’m the cause of your masturbation problem? Are you kidding me, you’re going to actually book a session with me and then tell me that I’m the cause of your chronic jerking off! !!! You’re not really going to blame it on the way I dress for sessions, I can’t help that I love to wear incredibly tight dresses and sexy panties. Why are you looking up my dresses anyway? Now I’m going to make your masturbation addiction even more intense. . Now I’m really going to show you what you’ve been wanting to see, I’m beautiful aren’t I and you’re never get to fuck me but you will masturbate to me constantly. Im going to take your masturbation habit into jerk off overdrive now. You’re going to want to jerk off to me even more then you did before.
Includes – Humiliation – Addiction – Femdom – Mind Control – JOI

Jerk Off Habit Addiction