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Wet Dream Hypnosis With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

I’m Going To Give You Wet Dreams Every Night Hypnotizing JOI
I’m going to give you wet dreams about me every night, you’re going to feel so young again when you keep waking up and your sheets are all sticky. You’re going to be stroking your cock in your sleep for me. When you wake up you’re not even going to know what happened. Every single night you’ll be dreaming of my body and how much I turn you on. Every curve or my body on your brain hypnotizing you to stroke in your sleep. You’re going to be cumming so hard for me and the only thing you’ll wake up knowing is how hot it must have been. You’ll know you must have been thinking about me because no one else can give you orgasms like I can. I’m the hottest wet dream you’re ever going to have.
Includes – Hypnosis – Sensual – JOI

Wet Dream Hypnosis