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Masturbation Challenge Hands Free JOI

Happy October the weather is getting chilly for most of you and for some of us it’s still heating up. There’s always warmth surrounding me though. I love coming up with a good masturbation challenge.
Are you ready to play a masturbation game with me? This is a really intense life coaching session. It really focuses on control, deep mind control.
Were going to try something a little different today, I’m not going to let you use your hands to jerk off. You’re going to have to get creative to get yourself off. You’re going to ache so much looking at me tease you with my body. You know theres other ways to get off like maybe lay on the floor and rub your cock against the floor. You can always use the couch or stick your cock between pillows. Theres so many creative ways you can cum without using your hands and thats what you’re going to do for me. You’re going to make your cock explode for me hands free, I know you can do it, are you ready to feel your balls tingle so bad for me. You’re going to give me the biggest hands free load lets begin the challenge. Ready for your masturbation guidance.
Includes – Sensual – Role Play- Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction – Femdom


Can You Come On Command For Sasha? Part 2 JOI

Can You Come On Command For Sasha? Part 2 JOI
Let’s play a special version of seeing if you can cum on my command. In this version of the game I’m going to start out naked and then put my lingerie back on as you stroke your cock to my commands. You don’t really deserve to see me naked and I’m so unbelievably sexy that really no matter what I have on you should be able to cum on my command. You’re going to be begging me to see my pussy and to look at my tits and my ass for a longer time but no, you’re going to play my game because I’m the BOSS COACH and I make the rules and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to please me.

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Cum Command Reverse

Femdom Life Coach Jerk Off Encouragement

You’ve been waiting for it and to start out the month of August I have a highly sexually addicting new femdom fetish clip to get deep into your mind.

Taking your need for your Life Coach Sasha to a new level with a hot new clip. You Will ONLY Get Hard For Your Life Coach Sasha Hypnosis – Jerk off encouragement

You love your life coach Sasha so much don’t you. Do you like my outfit? Do you like the way my body makes everything look so perfect. I take so much time to take care of my body and keep it looking like a perfectly sculpted and fit like a Goddess, the more the look at my body, the deeper you’ll become hypnotized by it and only get hard for me. I’m going to mind control you so deep that your cock will only get hard for me, you will only get hard for your Life Coach Sasha, you can ONLY get hard for your coach Sasha, Sasha owns your cock, Sasha controls your cock, Sasha owns your cum. Hearing me say those words go so deep into your mind. you can ONLY get hard for your coach Sasha, Sasha owns your cock, Sasha controls your cock, Sasha owns your cum. Now I want you to take that cock out and I want you to stroke as you say out loud “ I can only get hard for coach Sasha, Coach Sasha controls my cock, I can only cum for my coach Sasha” Keep repeating that mantra as you stroke and watch my beautiful nude body control your entire life.

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Hard For Sasha Hypnosis