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Sensual Masturbation Game – Will I Let You Cum Today?

I’m feeling playful and as sexy as every in the warm weather and it makes me want to play games. I’ve got a new masturbation game for you.
Will I Let You Cum Sensual JOI Game 2 Am I going to let you cum today?
Theres really only one way to find out and you know how much I love to tease you. You immediately get so hard and want to explode. This is always so much for for me, I love to direct you to stroke your cock for me and take you to the edge. Am I going to be nice today or am I going to leave you with a serious case of blue balls. I get so turned on teasing you with every inch of my body as you stroke and play with your balls. It’s going to drive you crazy wanted to know if I’m going to let you cum. I know you’re so close I can tell by the way you’re looking at my pretty pink spread pussy. Ready to play with me?
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Am I going to let you orgasm

Femdom Life Coach JOI Edging Masturbation Game

Coach Sasha Takes You To The JOI Edging Game
It’s nice seeing you I have a special game for us to play today. I’m going to take you to the edge of orgasm and maybe I will or maybe I won’t let you cum. Can you hold out for nearly 10 minutes or stroking to by beautiful body? You’re already hard looking at my pretty round ass and that already makes you want to cum right away. Remember, you don’t get to cum unless I say so. You’re going to stroke your cock really good until you get to the edge for me, I know exactly what it takes to make you cum too. I know how to use my body to get you so close, my words will get you even closer. Do you think you can make it? Lets go to the point where you nearly can’t take it anymore. I’m going to take you right to the edge, over and over and over.

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