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Fat Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction Life Coaching

Summer’s Here Fat Fuck Humiliation JOI
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Summy Fatty JOI

Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking With Life Coach Sasha

Lets work more on that home wrecking fetish of yours and take it to a new level.
Marriage Counseling Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking Life Coach
You’re having problems with your marriage. You’re not turned on by your wife anymore are you and you’re just not connecting. We’ve been talking about this for quite a while now and it seems like not too much has changed for you. It seems like the only times you’re happy are when you come to my sessions, I can see how you perk up and smile the second you walk in the door. I’m happy I can be here for you twice a week you now, have you ever thought of how much happier you would be if you were single? Maybe we could even go to dinner, I know you want to take me out but that would be really inappropriate. You would save so much money if you were single again. Last year when you got me those beautiful flowers and that gift card that was so nice. If you were single you could take me on a vacation for my birthday. Wouldn’t that be so nice, to be able to take me on vacation and see me in my bikini and by me in drinks and show me off. Don’t you want to be really happy, you will be so much happier if you’re single. You want to be single, if you want to take me on a date you’re going to have to be officially single. Its the only way to make it happen, I hope next week in our session you’ll have some big news for me.


Divorce Encouragement

Femdom Life Coach Homewrecker Marriage Ruin

I’ve got my sexy red dress on for our life coaching session you know the one that makes your cock hard within moments of your walking in the door. I didn’t even wear my panties today you pussy peeker, I find that it makes you more weak when you catch those glances. In our session this week we are going to talk about your relationship. You’re so addicted to coming to me, now you’re coming to me more and more. It’s like you need to make more and more appointments to see me. I’m going to help you with your relationship by making you at my disposal and having the power to control you and lead you in the right direction. I love being your seductive life coach and helping you with things, I knew from the first session we ever had together that I was going to be able to really control your mind and now i’m going to control your relationship.

Marriage Homewrecker

Niteflirt Goodies Cuckold Cream Pie JOI

I’ve made my first clip in my Niteflirt goodie bags for my cuckolds and pussy lovers and now its ready for you to worship, and learn from. I’m your cuckold coach for the day.
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Cuckold Femdom Fetish

Femdom Life Coach Jerk Off Encouragement

You’ve been waiting for it and to start out the month of August I have a highly sexually addicting new femdom fetish clip to get deep into your mind.

Taking your need for your Life Coach Sasha to a new level with a hot new clip. You Will ONLY Get Hard For Your Life Coach Sasha Hypnosis – Jerk off encouragement

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Hard For Sasha Hypnosis