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Do Humiliating Acts For Coach Sasha, Become My Bi-Sexual Slave

You tell me you want to devote yourself to me and that you’ll do anything for me. Well, now you’re going to get the chance to do just that. I’m going to make you my hypnotized bi-sexual slave. You’re going to do the humiliating task of tasting another mans cum for me and you’re going to like it. You will be my bi-sexual slave just to show me that you will do anything that I ask you too. You will become bi-sexual and suck cocks, lots of cocks and you will take load after load of cum for me. When I say the word bi-sexual you will find yourself looking at men. When you hear the word bi-sexual you will look at men and get turned on. You are already becoming bi-sexual. You’re going to be the best bi-sexual slave for me aren’t you.

Includes – Humiliation – Femdom – Mind Control

Femdom Life Coach Giantess Belly Button And Pussy Goddess Worship

You wish you were a little tiny man and I was your Giantess Goddess who’s Belly button you could climb into. I’m going to make that become real and shrink you. Now you’re just a little tiny man. Come over here and climb on into my belly button and give it kisses little man. It’s so nice to be this close to me, you’re so close you’re practically inside me. Wait until my panties slide off and you get to see my pretty pussy. You want to just hide in my navel and gaze at my pussy all day and taste it don’t you? My pretty diamond inside makes it so bright for you to worship me and see me perfectly. How does it feel to be deep in my navel? My tan bely has you so hard little man. You want to slide all over my smooth tan belly don’t you? You’re going to go deep down into my navel and worship my Goddess Belly button, while you’re at it worship my pussy.

Includes – Giantess – Pussy – Seduction – Role Play

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Your Wife Hired Me For Cuckold Training

Your wife contacted me and told me about your cock and that its too small and you can’t get her off. She sent you to me because she needed me to teach you how to be a good cuckold. First you need to understand that your cock incredibly small and you can’t sexually satisfy your wife. What you can do is watch her getting fucked by a man with a much larger cock. You can also satisfy her by licking all the cum out of her pussy after she’s seen a new lover. Doesn’t all this sound really good? I think you’re already starting to understand that this is the only way your wife is going to get true sexual pleasure. She may have you interact with her new lover too. Lets start the training now.

Cuckold Training With Femdom Life Coach

Hypnotizing You To Serve Big Black Cock BBC JOI

Starting off February the month of hearts and chocolate with a special kind of sexual chocolate therapy for you.
I know that you just love to think about big black cock. I’m going to hypnotize you to think about big black cock every time you see a dark skinned man. I’m going to show you some photos of those hot big black cocks. You’re going to love having that dark big black cock in your mouth and in your ass. You can’t stop thinking about that sticky hot load all over your face and down your throat. You crave gagging on that big black dick and every single time I say the magic words you’re going to crave it more and more. Every time you see a dark skinned man you’re going to want him to fuck you hard and deep no matter where you are. You’re going to only think about his juices all over your body. Jerk your cock off and cum for me as I guide you through your big black cock loving session.
Includes – Mesmerize – BBC – Cuckolding – Humiliation – Jerk Off Instruction

Life Coach Sasha’s Orgasm Denial For Her Pleasure

Happy Monday, ready to start the week off right for me?
You know what really gets me off? Its you being denied an orgasm for my pleasure. I want you to stroke your hard throbbing cock for me. It’s already throbbing isn’t it. You want to give me pleasure don’t you? You want to please your Coach Sasha and when you deny yourself it turns me on so much. You’re going to jerk your cock as I torment you with my beautiful tits, rubbing my sweet pussy and putting my ass in your face. You’re going to feel so good. The more you deny yourself that orgasm the more turned on I get and all you want to do is get me off. Deny yourself for me now and feel the pain in my pleasure.

Orgasm Denial