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Red Light Green Light Masturbation Game

Red Light Green Light Masturbation Session Game
Today’s session is going to be really fun and exciting. Let’s play a masturbation game called red light, green light. I’m sure you know the game and the rules but if not here’s how its going to work. When I say green light I want you to start stroking your cock, When I say Red light you are to stop stroking. I will be taking you to the edge of cumming over and over until I’m ready to let you cum. If you have an orgasm before I finish then you’ve lost and I won’t be very happy about that. Once I say green light I will be showing off my body, hypnotizing your cock and teaching you how to take yourself to the edge with my control. Are you ready to begin.

Includes – Masturbation Instruction – JOI Games – Orgasm Control

Masturbation Game
Masturbation Game

Niteflirt Jerk Off Instruction Games With Femdom Life Coach

Are you ready to play a jerk off game for me? I know you love to play with me and I love playing games. We’re going to play a stop and go masturbation game. You know I love to tease you and take you to the edge over and over again. I’m going to play the hottest game of stop and start with you that your cock is going to want to cum so bad as soon as we start playing. Do you think I’m going to let you cum today? Are you ready to begin the game? Take out your cock and start stroking that cock. Jerk that cock faster and faster, you feel like you’re going to cum already? Keep going..now STOP. I’m going to have you stroking to my beautiful ass until it hurts and its going to feel so good when you’re stroking to my pretty little pussy. Do you think I should let you cum or should I keep having you stroke and drive you extra crazy while you keep stroking to my body. You need to cum really badly and I’m the one who decides when and if you’re going to.

Includes – Femdom – Jerk Off Instruction – Masturbation Game – Pussy Worship – Ass – Edging

Jerk Off Instruction Games

Coach Sasha Puts You Into A Hypnotic Stroke And Spend Trance

Are you ready to get your cock nice and hard for me and open up your wallet? I’m going to put you into the hottest hypnotic jerk off trance and its going to make you want to spend away on me. You’re going to become entranced by my beautiful body and become so weak. your mind is going to become totally hypnotized to want to give to me. My tits and my gorgeous long legs keep your eyes locked in as you go deeper and deeper into a spending trance. You’re going to want to go to my wish list and buy me things, you’re going to want to send me gift cards, you’re going to feel the need to tribute me with cash, You’re going to buy more and more of my clips. You need to give your Goddess everything, you’re so addicted to pleasing me that all you can do is masturbate and pay me. You get so much pleasure from giving me whatever I want. You love when I hypnotize you, it feels so good you’re so addicted you need to give Goddess everything. I’m going to have you empty out all your savings to give to me. I want it all and theres no coming back from this hypnotic spell I’ve put on you

Includes – Hypnosis – Financial Domination – Femdom – Seduction – Home Wrecking – Jerk Off Instruction

Financial Domination Hypnosis

Secretary Sasha Office Cum Eating Blackmail Jerk Off Instruction

Your favorite Secretary is back in the office this week. I think we both know who the real boss is when I’m in the room. Are you ready to get the day started the right way. Let’s get to work listen to every word that I say.

It looks like I found something really interesting out about you. I know you masturbate in your office and cum all over your desk and I have the proof right here on my phone. So things are going to have to change around here. You’re going to do as I say or I will destroy you. Do exactly as I tell you right now. You’re going to jerk your cock off for me and cum all over your monitor and I’m going to film it for further proof. You’re such a loser I’m the boss now little dick! You know they say the camera makes everything look bigger but in your case its not working! You’re in for a big treat, I’m going to make you lick every drop of that cum off that screen for me. You’re such a pervert jerking off in your office while I’m sitting right there. Do as I say right now and cum all over that screen or you’re fucked and I’ll make you lose everything and I mean everything like penniless! Did I make myself clear?
Includes – Blackmail – JOI – Role Play – CEI – Humiliation

Secretary CEI Instruction

Sensual Masturbation Game – Will I Let You Cum Today?

I’m feeling playful and as sexy as every in the warm weather and it makes me want to play games. I’ve got a new masturbation game for you.
Will I Let You Cum Sensual JOI Game 2 Am I going to let you cum today?
Theres really only one way to find out and you know how much I love to tease you. You immediately get so hard and want to explode. This is always so much for for me, I love to direct you to stroke your cock for me and take you to the edge. Am I going to be nice today or am I going to leave you with a serious case of blue balls. I get so turned on teasing you with every inch of my body as you stroke and play with your balls. It’s going to drive you crazy wanted to know if I’m going to let you cum. I know you’re so close I can tell by the way you’re looking at my pretty pink spread pussy. Ready to play with me?
Includes – Sensual – JOI – Games – Femdom – Pussy – Tits

Am I going to let you orgasm