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Femdom Life Coach Body Brainwashing

I love the power over you and I love when I get you wrapped around my beautiful body. I’m going to brainwash you with my seduction, you think you’re coming to see me for our regular appointment but this one is even more powerful. You can’t resist the way I flaunt my body at you brainwashing you into obeying everything that I say. You’re already so weak for me but I want you even weaker, I want to brainwash you even deeper and make you even more in love with me. I am going to brainwash you to where you only stroke your cock for me and my beautiful body. Scrubbing your mind free of anyone else, only getting hard and cumming for your Coach Sasha. Includes – Brainwashing – Sensual – Femdom – Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction – Hypnosis

Body Brainwash

Fitness Femdom Hypnotizing Inspiration To Get A Woman Like Me

You keep telling me that I’m everything you would want in a Woman but you can’t find a Woman thats anything like me. I’m here to be your Femdom inspiration, someone you will use as your high status bar for comparing all other Woman too.
To get a woman like me you need to care about your appearance. Money and brains aren’t everything its 95% important but so is your appearance, now doesn’t the thought of being able to get a hot Goddess like me sound good to you? Think about being able able to be seen with me on your arm walking down the street or, to be able to take me shopping and buy me lingerie that should only be worn by a perfect 10 natural bodies like mine.Then this alone should be your inspiration to work out and start to care about your body. Hard bodied Goddesses like me take notice those things like the way you stand, do you stand tall and confident like I do? Do you have nice skin, do you keep yourself properly groomed like I do? To get a Goddess like me you must work out and take care of your body. Woman want a fit Man, and don’t think taking a jog around the block and going to the gym for an hour staring at hot asses counts as getting fit. Show me how much you want me, sign up for a marathon show me how you want to get in shape, make some effort. Isn’t this inspirational? My nude Goddess body is so fit, go ahead become mesmerized. I’m your fitness femdom inspiration, Your coach Sasha inspires you to look good, giving you hope to one day get a Woman like me.

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hypnotizing Inspiration

Femdom Life Coach Nipple Hypnosis Worship

The beginning of another stressful week is here so we are going to start this weeks fetish life coaching session with some relaxation. The Summer and all the family time is a time of stress now im going to aleve that stress rom your life with some intende nipple worship with a beautiful nipple hypnosis session.
You are going to become completely hypnotized by my hard nipples. During our sessions you’ve noticed that my nipples are always hard during our sessions. My nipples are always hard, the harder they are the more controlling I become. You will fall into a deep trance and feel the inspirational power my nipples have over you. Staring at them you realize how much power they have over you. Even when I wake you up you will have a constant longing for my nipples and how you love them and the feeling to be hypnotized by them.

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Nipple hypnosis 1

Life Coach Sasha Hypnotizes You To Love Tranny Cock

Today in our life coaching session we are going to talk about tranny cock. I’m going to hold this session with a femdom hypnosis effect on you. I’m going to put you into a hypnotized mind set to love, worship and adore transexual cock. After you leave our session today all you’re going to be thinking about is big fat tranny cock. You’re going to feel all your worries leaving your mind as you become so relaxed listening to my hypnotic voice and fall deeper into a state of relaxation. All the thoughts of tranny cocks will be entering your mind and you will accept all of these thoughts because you want to be with a tranny, you want a tranny to fuck you. You’re already so turned on thinking about our session because you want it so badly. I want you to relax and open your mind to new things. Are you ready, great lets begin.

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Hypnotized To Love Tranny Cock

Only Hard For Coach Sasha Hypnosis 2

In the month of Femdom love I dare you to fall in deeper obsession with me. In my enchanting and persuasive seduction way I mind control you even deeper to make you hard for ONLY me.
You can’t get hard for HER anymore, in fact you can ONLY get hard for ME and MY body 5:59
The second you begin this session your cock will instantly get hard. I’m going to take away your ability to get hard for anyone else but me. Look at every inch of my beautiful body as your brain becomes mindless and you begin stroking for me. You’ll be instantly stroking so hard for me before I’ve even taken my clothing off just to show you how much power I have over you. You love my body so much and I know you would do anything to please me. Since you’ve been coming to see me and watching my videos and hearing my voice and playing with me is the only thing that gets you off anymore and I’m going to keep it that way. You know I love to tease you knowing how badly you want me. You’re only going to get hard for me and my perfect pussy, no other pussy will get you this hard. When you try to fuck any other pussy you’ll have to think about me to get off.