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Sasha’s Hypnotic Mind Blowing Intense Orgasm

You love hearing about how often I masturbate and the details of it. Your cock gets so hard when you hear me tell you every little detail about how I get myself to cum nice and hard. I love to use my orgasms against you. I love to fuck with your weak mind and tease you with my body and my orgasms. I’m going to do a strip tease and get down to my beautiful natural body. I’m slowly going to glide my fingers down my my pretty tight pussy and play with myself. When I get myself nice and wet playing with my clip I’m going to use my fingers to fuck my wet tight little pussy until I cum. I know you’re going to stroke your cock while you watch me. Do you think you can cum at the same time that I do?
Includes – Masturbation – Pussy – Orgasm – Mind Fuck – Femdom

Hypnotic Orgasm Worship

Coach Sasha’s Yoga Pose Hypnosis Worship JOI 2

You come to my yoga class and stare more at me then you do your own practice. I know you come to look at me, I know you have a fetish for yoga pants and a fetish for a strong Woman. Your cock is so hard when you watch me, I’ve always noticed it. Now your yoga fetish dreams will be made as you watch me over and over again.
My beautiful poses will entrance you, My powerful female energy will come through with each pose as you focus and meditate on my beautiful body , My powerful muscles make you so relaxed and your mind so weak, you can’t take your eyes off my body making you more and more addicted to me make you want to jerk off for me, make you devote yourself to me, devote yourself to my fit beautiful body. My beautiful yoga poses keep you so hard you will watch and begin to stroke for me as you become deeply mesmerized by my body.

Includes – Seduction – Yoga – Body Worship – Workout – JOI

Yoga Pose Fetish Hypnosis

Hypnotizing Skinny Dipping Goddess Voyeur

Relax with me in this hypnotic visual relaxation clip. Escape on a voyeuristic hypnotic hard cock inducing blissful mind trip
My perverted friend couldn’t resist filming me nude taking a swim in my pool. I love to skinny dip, I love the way the water cascades over my smooth skin. I love the way my nipples peek through the small waves when Im on my back floating. I love the way the hot warm sun kisses my beautiful ass. Sit back and relax and watch my soothing swim with the beautiful sounds of water splashing making you drift away into a hypnotic mini bliss as you find yourself wanting me even more.

Includes – Skinny Dipping – Swimming – Relaxation – Hypnosis

Wet Dream Hypnosis With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

I’m Going To Give You Wet Dreams Every Night Hypnotizing JOI
I’m going to give you wet dreams about me every night, you’re going to feel so young again when you keep waking up and your sheets are all sticky. You’re going to be stroking your cock in your sleep for me. When you wake up you’re not even going to know what happened. Every single night you’ll be dreaming of my body and how much I turn you on. Every curve or my body on your brain hypnotizing you to stroke in your sleep. You’re going to be cumming so hard for me and the only thing you’ll wake up knowing is how hot it must have been. You’ll know you must have been thinking about me because no one else can give you orgasms like I can. I’m the hottest wet dream you’re ever going to have.
Includes – Hypnosis – Sensual – JOI

Wet Dream Hypnosis

Life Coach Sasha’s Bikini Financial Domination Hypnosis

Mind Controlling Stroke Instruction Financial Domination In Paradise 

You know what you came here for, you’re going to jerk your cock off to me as I guide you at my beautiful pool. You love seeing me so tan and in my hot bikini as I get you so hard and more inclined to do whatever I say. The moment you looked at me you instantly became brain dead. I love when your mind is weak and controlled by me. You need me to tell you how o jerk off and when to jerk off and what to do while you’re jerking off. You know I love it and you know what else I love? I love when you give me your money and I love making you so weak that you give me more and more of your money. You like jerking off to me, You like looking at my sexy young body, you like it when I tease you with my ass and pussy. Then you have to pay. You don’t care though, you would gladly give me all your money just to get to play.  Keep staring at my tits and my pussy, look how nice my pussy is. Look at my pussy and stoke that fucking cock. Go faster and faster. Now you belong to me. You can only stroke when I tell you to. You can only cum when I tell you to. You are going to go and buy all of my clips, like a good obedient boy. You are going to watch me everyday and obsess over me.

Includes – Bikini Worship – JOI – Masturbation Instruction – Femdom – Financial Domination – Seduction


Bikini financial domination