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Coach Sashas Yoga Pants Hypnosis Worship JOI 2

Yoga Pants Hypnosis Worship JOI 2

There is nothing more sexy then a girl in yoga pants. When that girl has a hot athletic toned ass it looks even more hypnotic. My black skin tight yoga pants will control your mind and get your cock so hard. You’ve always watched my beautiful ass while I was working out and now I’m going to give you the jerk off instruction you’ve been so hard for while you’re looking at my toned and perfect body in my skin tight yoga pants. You will wish you could rub your cock all over them but instead you will be jerking off to my instruction and orgasming when I tell you.

Includes – Yoga Pants – Ass – Hypnosis – Sensual – JOI

Training You To Become A Cum Loving Slut With Hypnosis

I have a special life coaching session for you. You want taste cum, you think about it all the time but you’re afraid of your feelings. Today we’re going to work on training you to be a good cum loving slut. Part of pleasing the Woman you serve or to be the best sissy thou can be is to make sure you become a really good cum lover. You want to become a pleaser and nothing will please you more then a hot sticky load of cum in your mouth and all over your face. Being a good cum loving slut you would know that you don’t want that cum to get all over your face too much because you don’t want to waste a precious drop of that hot cum. A cum loving slut takes every drop down his sissy throat and loves every second of it. You will make sure to lick them clean like a good cum slut and be the best sissy cum slut that you can be. I’ll see you next week to see how much sissy cum slut progress you’ve made.

Cum Loving Hypnosis

Red Light Green Light Masturbation Game

Red Light Green Light Masturbation Session Game
Today’s session is going to be really fun and exciting. Let’s play a masturbation game called red light, green light. I’m sure you know the game and the rules but if not here’s how its going to work. When I say green light I want you to start stroking your cock, When I say Red light you are to stop stroking. I will be taking you to the edge of cumming over and over until I’m ready to let you cum. If you have an orgasm before I finish then you’ve lost and I won’t be very happy about that. Once I say green light I will be showing off my body, hypnotizing your cock and teaching you how to take yourself to the edge with my control. Are you ready to begin.

Includes – Masturbation Instruction – JOI Games – Orgasm Control

Masturbation Game
Masturbation Game

My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave

My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave
I’m so beautiful and powerful that I can control you with just my face. The way you look into my dreamy eyes locks you into my world as I take control over you. You never thought it was possible to fall under the control of such a pretty face just through your screen. Well, it’s going to happen to you, Im going to control you and your cock with my beautiful face. I’m not going to show you my body and you’re going to be harder for me then you ever have before. You’re going to experience the most rock hard cock inducing feelings from listening to me and looking into my eyes as I take total control of your life. The more you look into my eyes the more I’m going to own you, I’ve always owned you but now the feeling is more intense then ever before. My eyes, my lips, my words make you stroke your cock over and over for me. You can feel that I am your one truce Goddess whom you want to give everything too. All I have to do is say what I want and you will give in. All you want to do is serve me, give me your money, buy me things and stroke for me every single day. Your mind, body and orgasms are mine and you will never get enough. The addiction is mounting as you stare and I control you.

Includes – Seduction – Financial Domination – Face – Eyes – Staring – Hypnosis – Control

Deep Mind Fuck Hypnosis

Pussy Hypnosis With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

Powerful Pussy Hypnosis
Do you know the power of the pussy? The pussy is very magical part of the Womans body, a Woman like myself knows how to use my pussy in very powerful ways. I like to use my pussy to get what I want, I love knowing how powerful and commanding my tight little pussy is and how just even a small glance at it can drop you to your knees and completely hypnotize you. You probably think there is no way you could fall under the spell of a pussy and there is no pussy that could make you into weak fool. I’m going to show how I’m going to take control of you with my pussy. How my perfect tight little pussy is going to hypnotize you into wanting to devote yourself to me.
Includes – Hypnosis – Mind Control – Pussy – Sensual

Femdom Life Coach Sasha's Pussy Hypnosis