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Sasha’s Hypnotic Mind Blowing Intense Orgasm

You love hearing about how often I masturbate and the details of it. Your cock gets so hard when you hear me tell you every little detail about how I get myself to cum nice and hard. I love to use my orgasms against you. I love to fuck with your weak mind and tease you with my body and my orgasms. I’m going to do a strip tease and get down to my beautiful natural body. I’m slowly going to glide my fingers down my my pretty tight pussy and play with myself. When I get myself nice and wet playing with my clip I’m going to use my fingers to fuck my wet tight little pussy until I cum. I know you’re going to stroke your cock while you watch me. Do you think you can cum at the same time that I do?
Includes – Masturbation – Pussy – Orgasm – Mind Fuck – Femdom

Hypnotic Orgasm Worship

Coach Sasha’s Intense Deep Eyes Hypnosis

I like the way you stare at me in our sessions. You’re always nice and fixated on my eyes and my words. I can feel you looking deep into my eyes when we are together and I know you can feel my power. My eyes make you so weak, don’t be shy come take a look and relax staring nice and deep into my entrancing erotic intense eyes, You want to feel my eyes hypnotize you, looking into my hypnotic eyes will make you weak and compliant to me, feel the way my beautiful eyes will addict you, can you feel me working my way into your soul and brainwashing you with my powerful eyes. I know you already can/ The more you stare into my eyes the more you want to give in to your Coach Sasha. Look deeper, stare longer and give yourself to me. You cannot and will not resist your Life Coach Sasha


Look Into My Eyes Hypnosis

Femdom Life Coach Hypnotic Eyes

Focus is so important especially when I tell you to focus on my words, and my eyes. When I tell you to look deep into my eyes to maximize the way my words penetrate your mind.
“Look Deep Into My Eyes And Focus” is the beginners set to a deeper glimpse into my eyes. You will find when you look deep and focus on my eyes you will naturally begin to fall into a deeper sub space allowing you to listen and focus with a much more open and submissive mind.
Look deep into my powerful eyes. I’m your inspiration and hypnotic life coach.
Hypnotic Eyes

Sex Life Coach Sasha Ass Hypnosis

Your day has been rough, you’re feeling confused about life. You’re always looking at my ass so its time to take you down and under with my beautiful hypnotic ass. You’re going to relax and put all your attention and focus on my ass. The more you look at it you’ll find yourself going into a very deep sleep. I know you’ve fantasied about my ass hypnotizing you during our sessions. You’re going to fall into a deep trance and won’t be able to wake up until I instruct you too. Back and forth my ass sways back and forth and back and forth and deep into your face cleaning your mind. You will only pay attention to my ass and let go. Surrender to Sasha on Niteflirt today.

Ass Hypnosis With Sasha Adams