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Home Wrecking Your Life, Home Wrecking Your Universe

You know how greedy I can get, I’m feeling so greedy that I want all your attention and I literally mean ALL of your attention. I don’t want you thinking of anyone but ME.

You’re so addicted and you really can’t get enough of me, can you? You’re completely addicted to my clips, my body, my face and my voice. I really feel like doing some home wrecking to the point where I want to take any loving relationship away from you. I am going to home wreck any loving relationship you might have, whether you have a girlfriend or wife or even your female friends. Your sexual appetite will only be for me, your cock will only get hard for ME and no one else. Whenever you attempt to have sex you’ll only be able to remain hard by thinking of me. You’re so addicted to my pretty little pussy aren’t you? I know how badly you want it. You watch my clips everyday, fantasize about what it would be like to be with me. I just LOVE knowing that I’m the one thats going to completely destroy your relationship. I have so much power over you, if I told you to leave your wife or girlfriend you would do it. I know you’re obsessed with me and every day your obsession grows. The more you watch me, the weaker you become. My pussy makes you so weak. You can’t help wanting to jerk off every time you see me. That’s why I am going to destroy your life. I’m you perfect Goddess, that’s why you don’t want to fuck your girlfriend or wife, because they just don’t measure up to me. I own you, when you see me you just turn into a jerking robot. I’m the most important thing in your life. I’m the only thing in your life, I AM your life.

Contains – Femdom – Home Wrecking – Seduction – Ass Worship – Jerk Off Instruction


Babysitter Sasha Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking Seduction

Happy New Year, I wanted to thank all of my loyal clients for another year of taking a fantastic and enlightening journey together. I love guiding you to new places making your life feel more whole. Reading your feedbacks and taking your calls brings me so much happiness knowing I’m making my mark on the world. Another year of you needing me, another year of you becoming more needy for my sessions. I’m the one and only life coach you’re ever going to need to get through life.
With the ongoing popularity of how many times I hear in my sessions about how much you can’t stop thinking about me as your babysitter I made a new babysitter home wrecking clip to destroy your mind even more. I look incredibly beautiful in my hot outfit and my hair is in long perfect braids. You’re cock is already hard for my hair in those braids isn’t it?
Remember how you always told me I was so much more then just your babysitter and life coach. I’m going to make you leave your wife. Your wife thought she was hiring just the sweetest babysitter little did she know I was going to steal her husband. You’re going to leave her for me, you know its what you really want. You can leave her to be loyal to me. You love my beautiful tits so pretty and firm not like your wifes saggy tits. I knew you were ready to do this. You’re going to leave your wife for me.

Babysitter Blackmail 2

I’m Using Our Life Coaching Sessions To Blackmail and Home Wreck You

Home wrecking and blackmail begin the month of joy and gifts. I’ve been video taping all of our sessions you probably didn’t read that in the fine print when you signed our client agreement. I want you to know that I’m going to do something very wrong right now. I’m going to blackmail you into doing whatever I want. You can’t resist me in my little c-through panties and you can’t live without our special sessions and thats why I chose to blackmail you. It’s a win-win situation for me and there’s nothing you’ll be able to do but sit back and relax and enjoy the game that I’m going to play with you. Be aware that I control you, my body now controls you and everything that will happen in our sessions. My body has so much power over you and you make it so easy, look at you you’re completely powerless.

Blackmail Therapy

Secretary Sasha Home Wrecker Blackmail Who’s The Real Boss

It’s the beginning of June and the beginning of a new week. Time to get back to work and this week we are going to dig deeper into your blackmail fetish in the office. There’s that one Woman in the office that has your eye. The one Woman who could destroy your life with her panties. Your cock just got hard thinking about that. Your secretary Sasha is in the office and has a special meeting with you.

You regret the day you hired me today don’t you. You thought it would be fun to have a really hot secretary but you had no idea how much trouble I was going to cause and complicate your life. You had no idea I was out to wreck your marriage. I just can’t help myself and you can’t resist me. If you were able to resist me then we wouldn’t be in this situation would we. From the moment you interviewed me you wanted me. You can’t say no to me look at my amazing ass you’re always staring at it. Your wife can’t even get your cock hard anymore and thats why you need me. I’m the only one who gets you hard. Thats why you’re going to give me raises all the time, all the vacation time I want, whatever I want! If you don’t I’m going right to your ugly wife and telling her everything! I’m the REAL BOSS now, about that raise.

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Secretary Blackmail Part 1

Femdom Supergirl Home Wrecking Heroine Life Coach

Your favorite femdom life coach made a special holiday themed session for you. Some hot costume play and the ever so real hot home wrecking thatI am going to do to you.
I’m Super Seductrix Sasha your home wrecking heroine and I’m here to do justice and destroy your relationship! My seductive stare and super seduction powers and incredibly powerful ass and pussy will break your marriage apart, ruin your engagement or take away the beginnings of a potential new relationship. I’m here to make you all mine! Do you want to see how powerful it is under my cape and take a look at my super powerful home wrecking ass and pussy? Take deep hypnotic a look at my ass, its got super powers, the more you look at my ass the more you will want to be single again, single for me. You want to be single for Sasha go ahead and say that out loud a few times as you really focus on my ass I want you to say “ My super seduction powers are no match for you or that lame bitch your with. You will be all mine super seducer Sasha always prevails!


Supergirl Home Wrecker