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Jerk Off And Cum For Sasha’s High Heels CEI

Jerk Off And Cum On My High Heels Humiliation CEI
It’s time for a new cum eating instruction clip and since I know you have such a craving for my legs and heels I made you this high heel fetish cum eating instructional session.
You crave my degradation and I’m going to have you worship my beautiful legs and high heels as I degrade you and treat you like a total slut. You’re going to stroke that worthless little cock for me and do what I say loser! You need me to degrade you and make you jerk off for me. How much do you worship my legs? Keep stroking your little dick as you crawl over and lick the bottoms of my heels. You would do anything to be able to touch my beautiful legs. The only thing you’re good for is worshipping me from a far because, a Goddess like me would never let a tiny dick loser like you get near me. Are you going to give me a little loser load or a big one? Come on, cum on my shoes and you’re going to lick up every last little droplet of cum off my heels.
Includes – Sensual – Humiliation- High Heels- Feet – Jerk Off Instruction – Femdom

Eat Cum Off My Heels