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Femdom Life Coach Giantess Belly Button And Pussy Goddess Worship

You wish you were a little tiny man and I was your Giantess Goddess who’s Belly button you could climb into. I’m going to make that become real and shrink you. Now you’re just a little tiny man. Come over here and climb on into my belly button and give it kisses little man. It’s so nice to be this close to me, you’re so close you’re practically inside me. Wait until my panties slide off and you get to see my pretty pussy. You want to just hide in my navel and gaze at my pussy all day and taste it don’t you? My pretty diamond inside makes it so bright for you to worship me and see me perfectly. How does it feel to be deep in my navel? My tan bely has you so hard little man. You want to slide all over my smooth tan belly don’t you? You’re going to go deep down into my navel and worship my Goddess Belly button, while you’re at it worship my pussy.

Includes – Giantess – Pussy – Seduction – Role Play

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Giantess Femdom Sasha And Kelly Make You Worship Their Boots

Giantess femdom’s Sasha And Kelly are here to make you worship our boots.
How did you get into our house little man? You just made a huge mistake by sitting there spying on us. Were you staring at us in the shower? You need to be taught a lesson tiny little man. Oh wow is your tiny little dick getting hard, gross! Get over here and worship the bottoms of our leather boots little dick! Are you having fun down there cleaning them off? Perverts pay the price and now you’re going to be our tiny little slave. You better be careful with that little pecker or we’re going to step on you. You look so cute little man as we laugh in your face with that gross little hard dick poking out. Now that you’ve done such a great job with those boots its time to clean our stinky sweaty feet. Ha Ha Ha, don’t pass out on us little slave you’re not done! You’re going to get stuffed into our boots and be our insole as we go and do our errands. If you try and get away we will step on you.

Includes – Femdom – Boots – Bare Feet – Giantess – Role Play – Humiliation – Laughing

Giantess Boot Worship