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My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave

My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave
I’m so beautiful and powerful that I can control you with just my face. The way you look into my dreamy eyes locks you into my world as I take control over you. You never thought it was possible to fall under the control of such a pretty face just through your screen. Well, it’s going to happen to you, Im going to control you and your cock with my beautiful face. I’m not going to show you my body and you’re going to be harder for me then you ever have before. You’re going to experience the most rock hard cock inducing feelings from listening to me and looking into my eyes as I take total control of your life. The more you look into my eyes the more I’m going to own you, I’ve always owned you but now the feeling is more intense then ever before. My eyes, my lips, my words make you stroke your cock over and over for me. You can feel that I am your one truce Goddess whom you want to give everything too. All I have to do is say what I want and you will give in. All you want to do is serve me, give me your money, buy me things and stroke for me every single day. Your mind, body and orgasms are mine and you will never get enough. The addiction is mounting as you stare and I control you.

Includes – Seduction – Financial Domination – Face – Eyes – Staring – Hypnosis – Control

Deep Mind Fuck Hypnosis

Coach Sasha Puts You Into A Hypnotic Stroke And Spend Trance

Are you ready to get your cock nice and hard for me and open up your wallet? I’m going to put you into the hottest hypnotic jerk off trance and its going to make you want to spend away on me. You’re going to become entranced by my beautiful body and become so weak. your mind is going to become totally hypnotized to want to give to me. My tits and my gorgeous long legs keep your eyes locked in as you go deeper and deeper into a spending trance. You’re going to want to go to my wish list and buy me things, you’re going to want to send me gift cards, you’re going to feel the need to tribute me with cash, You’re going to buy more and more of my clips. You need to give your Goddess everything, you’re so addicted to pleasing me that all you can do is masturbate and pay me. You get so much pleasure from giving me whatever I want. You love when I hypnotize you, it feels so good you’re so addicted you need to give Goddess everything. I’m going to have you empty out all your savings to give to me. I want it all and theres no coming back from this hypnotic spell I’ve put on you

Includes – Hypnosis – Financial Domination – Femdom – Seduction – Home Wrecking – Jerk Off Instruction

Financial Domination Hypnosis

Double Femdom Humiliation You Have To Pay To Hang Out With Celeste And I

Double femdom humiliation with Celeste and I. We are going out tonight and you have the nerve to ask to come with us. Why would we want a guy with a small dick to go out with us? We want to be seen with guys with small dicks, and look at your micro penis! But, of course you beg us to be able to come with us, and then Celeste has the best idea yet, you can buy all of our drinks for us! I agree with her, but you can’t sit with us because there’s no way in hell we are going to be seen with you. I guess we don’t have to tell you that no woman in the world wants a guy with a small dick. I still can not believe how small that thing is, it’s like your body grew but your dick stayed didn’t. Your dick stayed a baby dick. I’m pretty sure that is the SMALLEST dick I have ever seen. Your cum shot must be tiny too, it probably just shoots out two little drops of cum. The only thing you can do is jerk off to us and give us your money, but we definitely NEVER want to see your tiny penis. So you better jerk off behind closed doors. Now we’re ready, so let’s go! Includes: Financial Domination – Femdom – SPH – Humiliation

Double Femdom Humiliation

Life Coach Sasha’s Bikini Financial Domination Hypnosis

Mind Controlling Stroke Instruction Financial Domination In Paradise 

You know what you came here for, you’re going to jerk your cock off to me as I guide you at my beautiful pool. You love seeing me so tan and in my hot bikini as I get you so hard and more inclined to do whatever I say. The moment you looked at me you instantly became brain dead. I love when your mind is weak and controlled by me. You need me to tell you how o jerk off and when to jerk off and what to do while you’re jerking off. You know I love it and you know what else I love? I love when you give me your money and I love making you so weak that you give me more and more of your money. You like jerking off to me, You like looking at my sexy young body, you like it when I tease you with my ass and pussy. Then you have to pay. You don’t care though, you would gladly give me all your money just to get to play.  Keep staring at my tits and my pussy, look how nice my pussy is. Look at my pussy and stoke that fucking cock. Go faster and faster. Now you belong to me. You can only stroke when I tell you to. You can only cum when I tell you to. You are going to go and buy all of my clips, like a good obedient boy. You are going to watch me everyday and obsess over me.

Includes – Bikini Worship – JOI – Masturbation Instruction – Femdom – Financial Domination – Seduction


Bikini financial domination

Femdom Life Coach Gets Herself Off

Even I get stressed out during the holidays. I thought I would end the year off with an explosive orgasm and allow you pay for what you’re always asking me. You always talk about how you picture the way I pleasure myself in private, what are the faces I make when I climax and now you’re going to find out. You’re going to feel a bit of financial domination, greed and sensuality as I make you pay to watch me get myself off.

You’re always asking me what it takes to get me off and how you would love to see me cum and get myself off. You want to know what I do when I masturbate and the sounds I make. You’re in luck I’m incredibly horny and I really need to play with my pussy. But, theres one thing, you’re going to have to pay me more than usual to watch me cum. I’m so so turned on today and I’m going to cum so hard. How badly do you want to watch me cum? How badly do you want to see my work myself up until I get off? I know you want it bad and that’s why you’re going to pay me!. You’re going to wish you were here with me to lick up my dripping wet pussy.

Includes – Seduction – Tease – Masturbation – Orgasm – Insane Hotness

Pay For My Orgasm