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Face Sitting Fetish With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

My sexual greed is taking over in this new fetish session. I’m going to use your face to get MYSELF OFF.
I’ve got you right where I want you slave, below me with my pretty dominating pussy and ass right over your face. You want me to put my big ass in your face and suffocate you with it while your dick gets hard don’t you? Its hardly torture with a beautiful ass like mine draped over your bitch face. You beg me to grind my tiny little pussy over your slave face until its hard to breath. You gasp for air as I make you taste it while I ride your face for MY greedy sexual pleasure. I’m not getting off your face until I cum so you better gasp for all the air you can get because you’ve got some serious face sitting to handle.
Includes – Face Sitting Orgasm Control – Pussy – Ass – Smothering – Femdom – POV

Face Smother Fetish

Sasha Seduces Your Girlfriend And Makes Her Cum So Hard

My best guy friend has the hottest girlfriend Maya, I’ve always had a thing for Maya since I met her. She’s beautiful and exotic with this slender perfect body. I invited her and her boyfriend over for a dinner party. After a couple bottles of wine Maya was mentioning her back was bothering her and I knew this was the perfect chance to get my hands on her. I convinced her I took massage classes and told her to come up to my room and I would see if I could help her feel better. She didn’t hesitate and followed me up and immediately took her shirt off for me. Her skin was exactly as I imagined it was going to be on my fingertips and I was beginning to get turned on and I could tell she liked my touch. I decided to take things under total control and I slid my soft fingertips over her sweet little pussy through her panties. She was surprised and smiled and I knew she liked it, she asked me what I was doing and I asked her if she liked it. I assured her it will be our secret and to just relax so I could make her feel really good. All the hesitation left and she put her trust in me. I began kissing her deeply then getting Maya naked for me I was ready to show her a special massage I was going to do with my mouth. She told me it was the best massage she’s ever had and we went back downstairs with our boyfriends having no idea what we just did.

Includes – Girl/Girl – Lesbian Domination – Sensual – Pussy Licking – Femdom

Seducing Your Girlfriend

Sasha Kicks Her Roommates Ass Wrestling Girl Fight

I caught my roommate going through my closet and taking my clothes and I’m so fucking pissed off. I’m going to confront her and if she denies it I’m going to kick her ass. I’m really sick of the pig mess she makes too. She’s the worst roommate I’ve ever had and I’m going to show her now not to fuck with my stuff! I’m going to throw her on the ground and shove my dirty shoes all over her bitch self! I’ve always thought she was a lesbian too so I’m going to see what happens when I trap that bitch on the floor and stick my pussy on her face and hold her down. She can cry and call me a crazy bitch all she wants and I won’t care. I’m the Queen around here and no one takes my stuff!
Includes – Girl Fight – Wrestling – Brat Princess – Lesbian – Femdom – Humiliation

Sasha Kicks Roommates Ass

Femdom Supergirl Home Wrecking Heroine Life Coach

Your favorite femdom life coach made a special holiday themed session for you. Some hot costume play and the ever so real hot home wrecking thatI am going to do to you.
I’m Super Seductrix Sasha your home wrecking heroine and I’m here to do justice and destroy your relationship! My seductive stare and super seduction powers and incredibly powerful ass and pussy will break your marriage apart, ruin your engagement or take away the beginnings of a potential new relationship. I’m here to make you all mine! Do you want to see how powerful it is under my cape and take a look at my super powerful home wrecking ass and pussy? Take deep hypnotic a look at my ass, its got super powers, the more you look at my ass the more you will want to be single again, single for me. You want to be single for Sasha go ahead and say that out loud a few times as you really focus on my ass I want you to say “ My super seduction powers are no match for you or that lame bitch your with. You will be all mine super seducer Sasha always prevails!


Supergirl Home Wrecker