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Financial Support Therapy Through Financial Domination Home Wrecking

Welcome to July, I thought I would begin the month with a bang! A nice wallet bang for you. Lets touch on the subject of financial domination and the financial support therapy you need from me.
Have you ever wanted to lose it all? Doesn’t it feel good to have to pay more to see less. Have you ever wanted the most beautiful Woman you’ve ever seen… ME… drain your wallet dry just by teasing you and hypnotizing you with my beautiful body. You want to go broke for this body don’t you? I know you do, you want to give me everything, all of your assets going to me. I don’t care if you have a wife and a family to take care of, I certainly don’t care if you have to send your kids to college. Look at my beautiful face, and this body, look at these muscles and my perfectly sculpted ass. Go ahead send me some money right now, go on do it and tribute me when I tell you too. I want you to go broke for me, I want you to lose your mind as you lose your wallet to me. My beauty and power will leave you weak and your bank account depleted.

Go Broke For Me