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Femdom Life Coach Sasha’s Sensual Red Hot Seduction

My friend filmed an erotic 14 minute beautiful clip of me slithering around in red lace until I get myself so worked up that I can’t help but slide my fingers into my panties and begin playing with my pussy. It turns me on being watched and filmed which is making my pussy even more wet so I just take it to the next level for him and begin to get myself off by fingering my pussy and spreading my legs so nice and wide. I could see how hard he was filming me so I wanted to make sure I gave him even more of a show. I think we both know what a naughty Woman I can be and what a seductress I can be. When I know i’m being watched i’m so ready to give a hot show off tease.  I make myself cum so nice and hard for the camera and I know you’re going to make yourself cum for me and you probably won’t even make the the whole way through.
Includes – Sensual – Masturbation – Orgasm – Tits

sensual seduction

Cock Talk, Does Penis Size Matter

I’m asked the question all the time, does cock size really matter, and how big of a cock is the right size. We are going to go over my feelings on this situation and what I personally need in a cock size. We will talk about everything from big cocks to if you have a small cock what you can do to make yourself useful to a Woman. When it comes to sex I know what a Woman needs and exactly what a perfect cock is. If your cock isn’t the right size you will need to learn ways to please a Woman with other options since you won’t be able to please her with your cock. Thats pretty unfortunate for those with small cocks but I’ll cover this and more. Oh yeah, just to see if we can get your cock to its max I’m going to hold this session naked as I tell you all about cocks and cock size.

Does Size Matter?