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Public Masturbation On The Beach Nipple Hypnosis

I love public masturbation, its one of my favorite things wondering if someones watching me or maybe I might get caught. As my clients knew I was just on vacation and had the most amazing time.
I found this special place at a beach on vacation and made this hot clip for you to lust and stroke too. I was just playing around on the beach thats near a golf course when I decided to do a hot topless clip but then all the sudden I got incredibly turned on and I knew I had to cum and get myself off. The hot sun on my tits and my nipples glistening in the sun felt so good. I can cum from just playing with my nipples. I had to be quiet because there were golf carts in the distance and people walking around at the resort. There was no way I was turning back until I had a great orgasm.
Includes – Public Nudity – Orgasm – Tease – Masturbation – Nipples

Public Masturbation On The Beach

Pussy Hypnosis With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

Powerful Pussy Hypnosis
Do you know the power of the pussy? The pussy is very magical part of the Womans body, a Woman like myself knows how to use my pussy in very powerful ways. I like to use my pussy to get what I want, I love knowing how powerful and commanding my tight little pussy is and how just even a small glance at it can drop you to your knees and completely hypnotize you. You probably think there is no way you could fall under the spell of a pussy and there is no pussy that could make you into weak fool. I’m going to show how I’m going to take control of you with my pussy. How my perfect tight little pussy is going to hypnotize you into wanting to devote yourself to me.
Includes – Hypnosis – Mind Control – Pussy – Sensual

Femdom Life Coach Sasha's Pussy Hypnosis

I’m Your Jerk Off Habit You Just Cant Break Masturbation Addiction JOI

So, That email you sent me telling me that your masturbation addiction has doubled since we started our sessions seemed urgent I’m glad I could get you in this week to see me.
So you’re now masturbating twice as much!! You masturbate to me? Now you come to my office to talk about your masturbation problem and tell me that i’m the cause of your masturbation problem? Are you kidding me, you’re going to actually book a session with me and then tell me that I’m the cause of your chronic jerking off! !!! You’re not really going to blame it on the way I dress for sessions, I can’t help that I love to wear incredibly tight dresses and sexy panties. Why are you looking up my dresses anyway? Now I’m going to make your masturbation addiction even more intense. . Now I’m really going to show you what you’ve been wanting to see, I’m beautiful aren’t I and you’re never get to fuck me but you will masturbate to me constantly. Im going to take your masturbation habit into jerk off overdrive now. You’re going to want to jerk off to me even more then you did before.
Includes – Humiliation – Addiction – Femdom – Mind Control – JOI

Jerk Off Habit Addiction

Babysitter Sasha Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking Seduction

Happy New Year, I wanted to thank all of my loyal clients for another year of taking a fantastic and enlightening journey together. I love guiding you to new places making your life feel more whole. Reading your feedbacks and taking your calls brings me so much happiness knowing I’m making my mark on the world. Another year of you needing me, another year of you becoming more needy for my sessions. I’m the one and only life coach you’re ever going to need to get through life.
With the ongoing popularity of how many times I hear in my sessions about how much you can’t stop thinking about me as your babysitter I made a new babysitter home wrecking clip to destroy your mind even more. I look incredibly beautiful in my hot outfit and my hair is in long perfect braids. You’re cock is already hard for my hair in those braids isn’t it?
Remember how you always told me I was so much more then just your babysitter and life coach. I’m going to make you leave your wife. Your wife thought she was hiring just the sweetest babysitter little did she know I was going to steal her husband. You’re going to leave her for me, you know its what you really want. You can leave her to be loyal to me. You love my beautiful tits so pretty and firm not like your wifes saggy tits. I knew you were ready to do this. You’re going to leave your wife for me.

Babysitter Blackmail 2

Become My Bisexual Slave

Will you be willing to do humiliating acts for your femdom Life Coach Sasha? This is your chance and my first femdom clip training you to do humiliating acts to show me that you really are devoted to me.
You tell me you want to devote yourself to me and that you’ll do anything for me. Well, now you’re going to get the chance to do just that. I’m going to make you my hypnotized bisexual slave. You’re going to do the humiliating task of tasting another mans cum for me and you’re going to like it. You will be my bisexual slave just to show me that you will do anything that I ask you too. You will become bisexual and suck cocks, lots of cocks and you will take load after load of cum for me. When I say the word bi-sexual you will find yourself looking at men. When you hear the word bisexual you will look at men and get turned on. You are already becoming bisexual. You’re going to be the best bisexual slave for me aren’t you


Become My Bisexual Slave