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Getting Off On The Trail Public Masturbation

My clients know I can’t resist the great outdoors. I love hiking and hitting some private and not so private trails. I wanted to begin 2017 on the scandalous side.
My friend and I and I were taking a hike and went to one of my favorite spots. It was the middle of the week so I didn’t think it was going to be as busy as it was. It was only a matter of time before I was all horny and needed to look around to see if anyone was near. I told him to turn my camera on for me and watch me get myself off and lets hope no one walks by and sees me. It was only a matter of time before I pulled my tits out and started caressing them. I kept seeing people and laughing at the thought of being caught. As people kept passing by I pulled my pants down and quickly played with my pussy. I was so fucking hot that I knew I could get myself off really fast I just needed the right moment and just as I was going to get off someone passed me. The second I had my privacy back I was ready to have the hottest orgasm with my adrenalin running so high almost wanting to be seen. I have a feeling a few people did see what I was up too but that made me cum even harder knowing that.
Includes – Public Masturbation – Outdoor Masturbation – Tits – Voyeur – Ass – Masturbation – Orgasm – Exhibitionist – Public Flashing

Giantess Sasha Ass Worship Trap

You’re going to get nice and close to me tiny man, We don’t need special effects and a green screen to make you feel small. It feels so good when I shrink you little man. I’m going to use your tiny little body to get myself off. I’m going to put you inside my ass and you’re going to make me cum. Are you ready to be used as a little Man dildo inside my ass? You’ve always wanted to get close to my ass and now its ready for you. You’re going to make a really good little ass toy for me. You’re going to be even better than a nice strand of anal beads. I was going to put you in my pussy but I decided to put you in my ass instead. I want to cum with my ass and you’re responsible for it little Man. You better make me cum really hard little Man. Lets hope I reverse the spell and reverse shrink you.
Includes – Giantess – Role Play – Ass Worship – Pussy – Close Up POV

Giantess Ass Worship

Brainwashing And Home Wrecking You To Worship My Pussy And Leave Your Relationship

Brainwashing And Home Wrecking You To Worship My Pussy And Leave Your Relationship
Im going to brainwash you to worship my pussy and leave your relationship. By the time this session is over you’re going to be so brainwashed to my pussy that it’s all you’re going to think about. You’re going to do whatever I say, you want my pussy don’t you? You want to worship it, you want to see it and I know you want to jerk off to it. Well I want you to be all mine, I want you to tell me how badly you want to be with me. You love my pussy, you’ll do whatever it takes to have my pussy and to watch my touch my pussy. When I touch my pussy it already makes you want to leave your relationship. You’re going to do whatever it takes aren’t you? Tell me again how much you worship my perfect pussy. Look how hard you’re getting thinking about it.

Includes – Brainwashing – Home Wrecking – Femdom – Pussy – Seduction

Pussy Hypnosis Blackmail

Red Light Green Light Masturbation Game

Red Light Green Light Masturbation Session Game
Today’s session is going to be really fun and exciting. Let’s play a masturbation game called red light, green light. I’m sure you know the game and the rules but if not here’s how its going to work. When I say green light I want you to start stroking your cock, When I say Red light you are to stop stroking. I will be taking you to the edge of cumming over and over until I’m ready to let you cum. If you have an orgasm before I finish then you’ve lost and I won’t be very happy about that. Once I say green light I will be showing off my body, hypnotizing your cock and teaching you how to take yourself to the edge with my control. Are you ready to begin.

Includes – Masturbation Instruction – JOI Games – Orgasm Control

Masturbation Game
Masturbation Game

Niteflirt Jerk Off Instruction Games With Femdom Life Coach

Are you ready to play a jerk off game for me? I know you love to play with me and I love playing games. We’re going to play a stop and go masturbation game. You know I love to tease you and take you to the edge over and over again. I’m going to play the hottest game of stop and start with you that your cock is going to want to cum so bad as soon as we start playing. Do you think I’m going to let you cum today? Are you ready to begin the game? Take out your cock and start stroking that cock. Jerk that cock faster and faster, you feel like you’re going to cum already? Keep going..now STOP. I’m going to have you stroking to my beautiful ass until it hurts and its going to feel so good when you’re stroking to my pretty little pussy. Do you think I should let you cum or should I keep having you stroke and drive you extra crazy while you keep stroking to my body. You need to cum really badly and I’m the one who decides when and if you’re going to.

Includes – Femdom – Jerk Off Instruction – Masturbation Game – Pussy Worship – Ass – Edging

Jerk Off Instruction Games