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Face Sitting Fetish With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

My sexual greed is taking over in this new fetish session. I’m going to use your face to get MYSELF OFF.
I’ve got you right where I want you slave, below me with my pretty dominating pussy and ass right over your face. You want me to put my big ass in your face and suffocate you with it while your dick gets hard don’t you? Its hardly torture with a beautiful ass like mine draped over your bitch face. You beg me to grind my tiny little pussy over your slave face until its hard to breath. You gasp for air as I make you taste it while I ride your face for MY greedy sexual pleasure. I’m not getting off your face until I cum so you better gasp for all the air you can get because you’ve got some serious face sitting to handle.
Includes – Face Sitting Orgasm Control – Pussy – Ass – Smothering – Femdom – POV

Face Smother Fetish