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Hypnotic Seductress Cum Eating Instruction CEI

Hypnotic Seductress Cum Eating Instruction CEI
Today is going to be a special session, I’m going to have you do something today that you might be really uncomfortable with but can’t stop thinking about it. I’m going to ask you to eat your cum for me today. You’re going to want to show me how you want to please me by taking every delicious drop of your cum for me. I know we’ve talked about it in the past but its time to go through with it. Are you ready to take your cock out for me? Show me what a good boy you are and focus on my beautiful body and listen to every word that I say to take you there. Don’t be nervous just think about how good that first drop opt cum is going to taste when it hits your tongue. You’re going to love the taste of it, you’re going to love the hot heat from that steaming fresh load. Just think about all that hot cum going right into the back of your throat for me. As you focus on my beautiful Goddess ass your cock is getting harder and you’re building more and more cum of to give you that thick hot shot. Only I can get you so turned on like this to give you the biggest loads to eat. All this teasing you and tormenting you with my tits and ass has you ready to lay on your back for me like a good boy. Put your legs up in the air for me, its time to show your Goddess what a nice tasty load you’re about to take.

Includes – CEI – Cum Eating Instruction – Goddess Worship – Femdom – Ass – Tits

Cum Eating Instruction

Coach Sasha Makes You Confess To Your Shame CEI

A new cum eating instruction session to help you. You’ve been coming to see me for almost a year now. Every session we go over the same thing, you looking at cocks, you talking about cocks. Of course they’re always big cocks It’s time for you to confess and say the words out loud that you’re a cock loving fag. Lets focus on my big thick rubber cock, look how hard you got when I pulled it out for you. Admit it to me, come on admit your secret shame and say the words out loud for me. You’re to tell me, you’re going to say it over and over how much you like cock. Im going to have you stare at my cock and jerk off and eat your own cum for me. Lets start our session and begin the confessions.

Cum Eating Instruction

Boyfriend Role Play Cum Eating Instruction Life Coaching

Lets end the week with a really good role play. You already know that to be my boyfriend its going to require doing exactly as I want. I’m high maintenance but you want to be with me don’t you? You want to be an incredible boyfriend. Show me what a good boyfriend you’re going to be for me.

Honey, you know how much I love the taste of cum well, I’ve been wanting you to do something for me. I thought it would be so hot having my own boyfriend eat his own load for me. You know you satisfy me so much but, I really want to watch you stroke your cock for me and eat that load up. You know how much I love sucking your cock and swelling your cum thats why I know you’re going to love it too. Its going to taste so good and i’m getting so turned on watching you stroke and get so hard for me. Baby, I want you to give yourself the best facial for me, holding out your tongue try and catch every last cum of that big load. You’re so sexy when you stroke for me baby. You’re getting so close baby, Now, just aim your cock right at your face and get every drop of your load thats going to shoot.

Includes – GFE – Cum Eating Instruction – Pussy – Ass – Sensual – Role Play – JOI

Cum Eating Instruction Role Play

Coach Sasha’s Sissy Facial Training Cum Eating Instruction

Monday’s motivation is special treat. Instead of loading up on all that Halloween candy and treats sitting around I have a more healthy treat for you. Something with much less calories and a ton of good for you protein. Have you figured out what your special treat is?

I know you’ve been wanting something for a long time. You’ve mentioned it a lot recently and that something is a load of hot cum on your face. Today is the day you give yourself a sissy facial, a true sissy loves a big load on his face. You’re going to feel like a slutty dirty sissy when you squirt that big load of cum all over your face. You crave that hot load and you are going to give yourself a huge load for me. You’re a facial loving sissy for your coach Sasha. If you want to be a true sissy you will learn to love getting facials. I’m going to guide and coach you to give yourself the biggest hottest load in your face all for me. 

Cum In Your Face Sissy Facial

Jerk Off And Cum For Sasha’s High Heels CEI

Jerk Off And Cum On My High Heels Humiliation CEI
It’s time for a new cum eating instruction clip and since I know you have such a craving for my legs and heels I made you this high heel fetish cum eating instructional session.
You crave my degradation and I’m going to have you worship my beautiful legs and high heels as I degrade you and treat you like a total slut. You’re going to stroke that worthless little cock for me and do what I say loser! You need me to degrade you and make you jerk off for me. How much do you worship my legs? Keep stroking your little dick as you crawl over and lick the bottoms of my heels. You would do anything to be able to touch my beautiful legs. The only thing you’re good for is worshipping me from a far because, a Goddess like me would never let a tiny dick loser like you get near me. Are you going to give me a little loser load or a big one? Come on, cum on my shoes and you’re going to lick up every last little droplet of cum off my heels.
Includes – Sensual – Humiliation- High Heels- Feet – Jerk Off Instruction – Femdom

Eat Cum Off My Heels