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Your Wife Hired Me For Cuckold Training

Your wife contacted me and told me about your cock and that its too small and you can’t get her off. She sent you to me because she needed me to teach you how to be a good cuckold. First you need to understand that your cock incredibly small and you can’t sexually satisfy your wife. What you can do is watch her getting fucked by a man with a much larger cock. You can also satisfy her by licking all the cum out of her pussy after she’s seen a new lover. Doesn’t all this sound really good? I think you’re already starting to understand that this is the only way your wife is going to get true sexual pleasure. She may have you interact with her new lover too. Lets start the training now.

Cuckold Training With Femdom Life Coach

Femdom Life Coach Sissy Training

Coach Sasha Turns You Into A Sissy Girl! It’s Femdom sissy training day and sissy training time.
I think we should have a special talk. I think it’s time that we both admit it that you’re not really a man. I think you need to start dressing the part. I have lots of girly bras and panties and I want you to try some on for me. Here take these pink ones and put them on. I can tell you like wearing my lingerie don’t you? Now I want you to start playing with yourself for me. It’s like I have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, you are a girl. I love it. Tonight we are going to go to a bar and pick up a guy with a big cock and you are going to suck him off to get him really hard for me. You’re going to be wearing my lingerie under your clothes. Then you are going to watch me fuck him and then he’s going to fuck you and give you a nice big load. You are going to take that load for me. This is making me so fucking horny, my pussy is so wet right now. Tonight’s going to be fun.
Contains: Forced Bi, Femdom POV, Cuckolding, And Forced Crossdressing.

Sissy For Sasha

Fucking Your Best Friend Making You My Cuckold

I’ve got an incredibly hot cuckold training role-play for you. I’m your Girlfriend which I know you dream about. But theres a problem with our relationship and I’m going to tell you all about it and what you’ll be able to do to save the relationship. This is the perfect life coaching session to help you through your own sexless relationships and how you can save them.
Honey I think you and I need to have a talk. This might sound a little strange to hear but I need you to know that you don’t satisfy me sexually. You never make me cum and your cock is way to small but, I need you to know that for the past year I’ve been fucking your best friend. My body needs to be satisfied and I really can’t stop thinking about his big cock and the way he fucks me. When he fucks me I forget about everything because his cock is so huge and hard for me. He knows exactly how to touch me and you don’t. So, if you want to stay together you’re going to have to become a cuckold. I think think is perfect for both of us, you get to keep me and I get all the big dick that I want! I have needs, and you can’t satisfy them.

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Fucking Your Best Friend

Sasha’s Cuckold Cum Clean Up Slave Therapy Training

Sasha’s Cuckold Cum Clean Up Slave Therapy Training 6:00
Today is your lucky day, I had the most amazing sex last night with my hot lover with the thick beautify cock. I let him shoot a huge load of cum inside of me and I still havent taken a shower. You’ve always wanted to learn how to be a good cuckold and I’m going to show you how today. If you want to serve my pussy then you’re going to show me that you can be a good cuckold who’s going to clean up for me. Your cock so small, in fact its the smallest i’ve ever seen cucky boy. My stud toys cock is like 5 times the size of yours ! Come on over here slave, get over here and lick this pussy up nice and clean and taste that cum. You’re such a good slave it’s too bad your dick is so small. Be a good slave and do as your told. See you don’t have to be totally worthless you do a good job at cleaning up.

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Cuckold Clean Up Training