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Femdom Life Coach Penectomy Fetish Chop It Off

Happy Friday The 13th! I wanted to do something special for today and show you my really cruel and dark evil fetish side. It’s almost hard to believe such a sweet faced angel like myself can have such dark thoughts and do something this deviant.
The Dark Side Of Cock Collector Sasha
You’ve always wanted to meet me, and this time I finally said yes, not only did I say yes but I’ve invited you to my house. You’er finally going to get to meet your Goddess in the flesh, being in my powerful lair. You should consider yourself very, very lucky, I only invite a very select few of my slaves over. There’s something you probably don;t know about me that I don’t really talk about. My secret fetish is that I collect cocks. I begin by inviting a select special slave over, make him think that he’s just going to have a normal session with me like you do right now ha ha. Then, I drug him and tie him up and when he wakes up he’s immobile. Even if he tries to scream it doesn’t matter, my place is soundproof. You look really scared right now, whats the matter? As scared as you are it looks like your dick is rock hard for me anyway. Is the thought of me cutting off your dick and balls terrifying you? Well it should be! Don’t worry I won’t kill you, I already have quite the collection of cocks. I can still tease you a little bit, before I do it. Look at how hard you are, I love teasing you and torturing your mind as you have no idea of your fate. What else do you want to see before I decide what to do with you? My little pussy? You’re so turned on you could cum just from looking at my pretty pussy, imagining how good it would feel against you. Do you think that’s worth losing your cock? I do.

Includes – Penectomy – Evil – Fantasy – Black Widow – Tease – Seductress – Worship – Castration

Penectomy Fetish