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Brainwashing Body Suit

When you see my powerful middle finger you know it’s time to worship your Coach Sasha.
When you see my powerful finger directly in your face you get weak.
Coach Sasha Say’s QUICK!!! Don’t think, click and pay and begin to worship my blackmailing lace body suit. You know the one you love to watch me do yoga in thats lace and see through. I’ve got those sexy high heels on that you love too. The ones that get your cock super hard when you hear my clicking to my desk when you come to my door. The more the worship my blackmailing body suit the more open you’ll be for our next session. You will find yourself releasing more and more private information about yourself to me as my bossy looks brainwash you into submission. You want me to know you better then anyone and hope that everything between us is confidential. It gets you so hard not knowing.