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Femdom Life Coach Could Kick Your Ass Humiliation Fetish

Hey I know you, I’ve seen you at cross fit didn’t I see you throw up last week because you couldn’t handle a day at the box! I saw you were trying to make eye contact with me a million times but the only thing I was interested in was watching how much you sucked at your times to complete a workout on the rings. I counted your reps as you were attempting your pull ups and you really looked like a total pussy not even being able to get through it. I could totally kick your ass you suck so bad these workouts. Your air squat looks like shit too, you really need to learn proper form, I would walk over to you and knock you to your knees you’re such a pussy. Didn’t you notice a bunch of us girls mocking you when you were jumping rope and you kept tripping over it you idiot! You’re such a weak ass pussy I could totally kick your ass straight to the mat

Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Mean Girl – Body Worship

Femdom Fitness Humiliation

Femdom Bubble Bath Worship

Rub-a-dub-dub Coach Sasha is in the tub. After long days of working out hard your fitness Femdom needs a nice long bath to relax in. I love to soak in my jacuzzi bath and if its before bed I love getting myself off while the warm water drips on me. You’ve always wanted a glimpse into my private life at home. Now you get the chance with my new bath tub body worship clip.

Bubble Bath JOI Worship Goddess 7:14
You worship every inch of my body and I know you’ve wondered what it would be like if I was taking a hot bubble bath and you got to clean off every inch of my body. You would even drink my bath water just to get my essence inside of you. You love seeing my body all soapy and covered in bubbles it makes your cock so hard. My ass is so hot as it shines and glistens its so wet. You’ll be begging to stroke your cock to me as the pretty little bubbles drip down my pussy. Prove to me that you’ll do anything for me and show me how much you worship every inch of my beautiful body and cum on command for me.

Bubble Bath Worship Femdom

Femdom Life Coach Body Worship Fetish Clip

Can you imagine if you had the chance to wake up with me in the morning. You got to watch me open my eyes and start my day off and smell my beautiful morning breath. I made this session so you could see what it might be like if you were lucky enough to be able to sleep in a bed with me. To share the intimate moment of my morning seduction.
I love to wake up and make you start my day with you worshipping my entire body. Worshipping every inch before my day gets started. Did you dream about waking up like this next to me? Dream about your Life Coach being in bed with you giving you the chance to worship my beautiful body in the morning. My hypnotic curves will leave you falling in love and begging to listen to my every word. My pretty feet need a nice licking and massage before I get to my workout and then a day in the office. Isn’t that how you want to start the day with my feet in your mouth. My entire body seduces you and captivates you. I’m your inspiration and hypnotic muse.

Morning Bed Hypnosis