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Brainwashing And Home Wrecking You To Worship My Pussy And Leave Your Relationship

Brainwashing And Home Wrecking You To Worship My Pussy And Leave Your Relationship
Im going to brainwash you to worship my pussy and leave your relationship. By the time this session is over you’re going to be so brainwashed to my pussy that it’s all you’re going to think about. You’re going to do whatever I say, you want my pussy don’t you? You want to worship it, you want to see it and I know you want to jerk off to it. Well I want you to be all mine, I want you to tell me how badly you want to be with me. You love my pussy, you’ll do whatever it takes to have my pussy and to watch my touch my pussy. When I touch my pussy it already makes you want to leave your relationship. You’re going to do whatever it takes aren’t you? Tell me again how much you worship my perfect pussy. Look how hard you’re getting thinking about it.

Includes – Brainwashing – Home Wrecking – Femdom – Pussy – Seduction

Pussy Hypnosis Blackmail

Coach Sasha Knows You’re So Gay For The Guys At The Gym. Home Wrecker Blackmail Femdom Clip

You’re So Gay For The Guys At The Gym Home Wrecker Blackmail

I’ve been seeing you at the gym a lot lately it’s like we go at the same time 5 days a week. Hi, I’m Sasha nice to meet you, I also noticed a couple of other things like, you coming here with your wife or girlfriend or whoever that woman is. The moment she walks away to do cardio I see exactly where your eyes wander, I see you follow around the jock guys and I watch you stare at them doing squats. I saw you last week pop a boner watching one guy doing a bench press and you grabbed your towel and put it on your lap because your dick was so hard. You’re so totally gay for all the hot guys at the gym. You’re so gay for the muscular guys here aren’t you ha ha ha! I’ve even seen you follow a couple guys into the locker room, did you watch them shower or take a steam naked? What a closet gay pervert! You find out I’ve got compromising photos of you and you have to do exactly as I say.
Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Home Wrecking – Blackmail

Home Wrecking Blackmail Fetish

Blackmailing My Boyfriend To Suck Cock

Fortunately for you I’m going to keep my mouth shut about what I’ve found out about you and your massive gay porn stash on your computer. I’ve decided i’m going to pimp you out now and make you take cocks every night all night long. That’s what you wanted isn’t it? I mean I found all that gay porn on your computer. You want cock, well now you are going to get cock. You are going to have to take all kinds of cocks, every night. I might give you the weekend off, but I might not. It depends on how much you make during the week. I think this works out for both of us, you get cock and nobody is going to know, and I get to make a lot of money. Oh really? You don’t want to do that? Well, then in that case I’m going to have to tell everyone, your friends, your family and everyone you work with Ok great I am so glad that we could come to an agreement. I know you are going to love taking all that cock for me. Are you excited to become a cock sucking hooker? You are going to take load after load after load. You are going to love taking it in the ass, I can tell. I always knew there was something different about you, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Even when you asked me to put my finger in your ass. I guess that should have been my first clue. You know at first I was shocked, that my boyfriend wants to get fucked by guys. That my boyfriend fantasizes about cocks while he’s fucking me. But now I am starting to realize that there is a good side to all of this. I want you to admit it. Admit that you love cock. Say it. Say it again. I think this is going to be great, In fact, I have your first booking tonight, you actually have a few dates already. I can’t wait to hear all about it. You are going to love having that hard cock in your mouth and in your ass. You are going to be a cock sucking cum swallowing whore. You are going to do it all for me. I guess you can blame it all on me if you can’t accept the fact that you love and crave cock.
Includes – Blackmail Fantasy – Cuckold – Humiliation – Femdom – Pussy – Tits – Ass

Blackmailing My Boyfriend To Suck Cock

Home Wrecking Ass Extracts Your Passwords Blackmail Fetish

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, you must be needing my life coaching desperately. I have quite the devious session for us today. I’m going to use my powerful ass against you. Come sit down and relax, You know you want this.
My ass makes you so weak, my perfect ass has been known to make you do whatever I want. My ass is going to get all your passwords from you so I can totally destroy your life! You’re so weak you can’t even stop me. You look at my ass nice and close up and it mind fucks you even more as you divulge all your information to me for everything, Facebook, banking etc, You’re going to tell me everything and I know exactly how to get it out of you.
You’re going to lose yourself to my ass. Do you like how lethal my ass is and how its going to take everything from you. I’m going to have everything I need to wreck your life but it was all worth it wasn’t it.
Includes – Homewrecking – Blackmail – Ass Worship – Fantasy – Ass Shaking

Home Wrecking Ass Worship

Sasha’s Blackmail Pill Home Wrecking Seduction

Blackmail and home wrecking fetishes can be incredibly powerful. Blackmail is almost scary when it happens to you and you don’t even realize that its happening until its too late. Your blackmail fetish and longing for my home wrecking has your cock incredibly hard for me in this session.
Come on into the office, I have something for you today that I wanted to share. There are these amazing new natural relaxation pills that I’ve been taking and I wanted you to give it a try to see what happens. You’ve been so hesitant opening up to me on a lot of things so perhaps this will enhance our session. Don’t worry I would never slip you anything that I didn’t think was healthy and going to totally benefit you. You’re going to feel so good and relaxed I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up telling me things that you never told me before. Here just swallow it whole and get yourself really comfortable.
Includes – Blackmail – Home Wrecking – Sensual

Blackmail Home Wrecking Fetish