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Femdom Life Coach March Madness Bikini Tease

March Madness is here and while most of my clients are watching basketball I’m watching the beautiful blue sky and laying out by my pool. I need to do a lot of clearing my own mind after working in depth with my wonderful clients and I spend a lot of time at the pool meditating. Wouldn’t you love to be my servant for the day and by my personal pool boy? I thought I would send out some sexy bikini shots to further train your brain to always be focused on your Femdom Life Coach. Proper training keeps you in line.
Imagine being my pool boy in these 5 photos of me hanging out at my pool. How would you serve me? Would you be able to make me happy or would I fire you for not being able to please me properly? Are you up to the task?

March Madness tease $1.99

Pool Boy Photos