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Exposing Your Secret That You Love Big Cock JOI

I know everything about the real you.
You think that no one knows the secret shame you hide inside but I know your deep shameful secrets, I know something about you that you can’t even say out loud. You can think you’re going to hide your secret from me but you can’t. I know you love cock, I know you obsess over cock and think about cock all the time. I don’t blame you I love cock too. Look at how hard you’re getting when I show you these photos of these guys with these huge massive cocks. Those big cocks are so hot they are actually making me wet right now. I want you to try something and start jerking off to this hot picture of this big cock, just do it for me. It’s ok to say it to me, you know you want to just tell me you want to suck cock, and you think all these photos I’m showing you of these cocks are getting you so turned on. I know what you truly want and you want this big hard throbbing cock right in your closet cock sucking face. You’re actually watching this to jerk off to me right? Whatever you say but I can still make you jerk off to cock any time I want too. Go ahead and look at this cock and imagine sucking it, pleasing it and getting it to cum. You’re going to cum so hard for me and this big huge cock.
Includes – Femdom – Confessions – JOI – Nude – Forced Bi

Hypnotizing You To Serve Big Black Cock BBC JOI

Starting off February the month of hearts and chocolate with a special kind of sexual chocolate therapy for you.
I know that you just love to think about big black cock. I’m going to hypnotize you to think about big black cock every time you see a dark skinned man. I’m going to show you some photos of those hot big black cocks. You’re going to love having that dark big black cock in your mouth and in your ass. You can’t stop thinking about that sticky hot load all over your face and down your throat. You crave gagging on that big black dick and every single time I say the magic words you’re going to crave it more and more. Every time you see a dark skinned man you’re going to want him to fuck you hard and deep no matter where you are. You’re going to only think about his juices all over your body. Jerk your cock off and cum for me as I guide you through your big black cock loving session.
Includes – Mesmerize – BBC – Cuckolding – Humiliation – Jerk Off Instruction