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Barefoot Femdom Worship And Humiliation

I see you staring at my pretty bare feet all the time. I know exactly what you need today and you need to jerk off to my perfectly pedicured toes and oiled up bare soles. You love the way I spread my toes and show off my soft soles. You’re going to jerk off that tiny dick today and you’re going to cum for my perfect pretty feet. You look so funny right now jerking that little cock of yours to my soles! I mean really, what kind of a perfect weirdo jerks off to bare soles! YOU DO! You love it and look how incredibly horny you are for my feet! No other feet will do, no other soles will make you cum as hard as mine do. Can you imagine how good it would feel if I let you put that little useless thing between my soles! You should take advantage of the fact that I’m going to let you cum for my soles today! You’re such a sucker for my soles as you sit there and jerk your little cock for me and its making me laugh so hard! You love my bitchy and bratty attitude and they way I laugh at you as you jerk that little dick of yours. Keep stroking, lets go now you better fucking cum when I command you to cum you foot weirdo!

Includes – Foot Fetish – Humiliation – Femdom – Small Penis Humilation – Soles – JOI