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Babysitter Sasha Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking Seduction

Happy New Year, I wanted to thank all of my loyal clients for another year of taking a fantastic and enlightening journey together. I love guiding you to new places making your life feel more whole. Reading your feedbacks and taking your calls brings me so much happiness knowing I’m making my mark on the world. Another year of you needing me, another year of you becoming more needy for my sessions. I’m the one and only life coach you’re ever going to need to get through life.
With the ongoing popularity of how many times I hear in my sessions about how much you can’t stop thinking about me as your babysitter I made a new babysitter home wrecking clip to destroy your mind even more. I look incredibly beautiful in my hot outfit and my hair is in long perfect braids. You’re cock is already hard for my hair in those braids isn’t it?
Remember how you always told me I was so much more then just your babysitter and life coach. I’m going to make you leave your wife. Your wife thought she was hiring just the sweetest babysitter little did she know I was going to steal her husband. You’re going to leave her for me, you know its what you really want. You can leave her to be loyal to me. You love my beautiful tits so pretty and firm not like your wifes saggy tits. I knew you were ready to do this. You’re going to leave your wife for me.

Babysitter Blackmail 2

Life Coach Sasha Babysitter Blackmail Home Wrecker Session

In this femdom life coach session I’m going to exploit your babysitter porn fetish. You watch so much babysitter porn and jerk off non stop to your babysitter fetish perversions that theres only one way to get through it.
Your wife is out of town and you need a babysitter while you have a few meetings to go to for work. I come over in my pretty little sweater and cute pants, the ones that really make my ass look hot. You know, I always knew you were a major pervert and thats why you kept asking me to babysit for you. I saw you looking through the window at me and I’ve caught you looking up my skirt before. can you imagine if your wife finds out about this!! If you don’t give me what I want pervert i’m going to expose you to your wife and tell her how you’re always jerking off to me and looking at other hot girls. I’m going to expect a serious raise and I want it right away, you want me to keep this all our little secret don’t you? I’m going to let you jerk off to me as long as you do what I say. I’m so happy we’ve come to an agreement pervert I love blackmailing dirty perverts like you.

Babysitter Home Wrecker Sasha