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Worship Coach Sasha’s Sweaty Ass In Yoga Pants

Worship my sweaty ass in my sexy yoga pants after nice long run. You’re always staring at me at the gym and at yoga and really anywhere I am with my yoga pants on. Now I’m going to let you worship my ass in them.
I just did a 6 mile run and I’m so hot and so sweaty. You know what that means for you don’t you? It means that I smell and I’m nice and sweaty ready for you to worship my body in these hot as fuck yoga pants. An ass slave like you can’t get enough of looking at how hot my big round juicy ass looks when its all sweaty and stuffed into my skin tight yoga pants. You become stupid when I sway my ass in your face because you’re such a hypnotized ass slave. You’re going to jerk your cock off to my sweaty ass as it controls you. Look at how big and found it is, the more you look at my big round ass the more of a stupid mind controlled jerk off slave. You’re so addicted and my ass makes it so easy to manipulate your weak mind. It makes me so wet knowing my ass is my weapon that controls your weak brain and cock. You know you’re not good enough to get near my ass and thats why you’ll just jerk off to my ass and become even more hypnotized and stupid as you cum for my ass again and again.

Includes Femdom – Humiliation – Jerk Off Instruction – Ass Worship – Yoga pants

Sweaty Yoga Pant Hypnosis

Home Wrecking Ass Extracts Your Passwords Blackmail Fetish

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, you must be needing my life coaching desperately. I have quite the devious session for us today. I’m going to use my powerful ass against you. Come sit down and relax, You know you want this.
My ass makes you so weak, my perfect ass has been known to make you do whatever I want. My ass is going to get all your passwords from you so I can totally destroy your life! You’re so weak you can’t even stop me. You look at my ass nice and close up and it mind fucks you even more as you divulge all your information to me for everything, Facebook, banking etc, You’re going to tell me everything and I know exactly how to get it out of you.
You’re going to lose yourself to my ass. Do you like how lethal my ass is and how its going to take everything from you. I’m going to have everything I need to wreck your life but it was all worth it wasn’t it.
Includes – Homewrecking – Blackmail – Ass Worship – Fantasy – Ass Shaking

Home Wrecking Ass Worship

Femdom Life Coach Ass Worship Training

Worships Sashas Asshole Lick It Up
You’ve been begging me for a long time now to get deep into my asshole with your tongue and today I’m going to let you. I put on my pretty panties I know you’re going to love and want to worship. It’s been so long since you’ve been making comments about what you would do to my sweet asshole and I’m finally going to let you in. All spread and in your face it looks so good, so get right over here because this is where I’m going to make you put your lips and get it nice and wet for me. You want to please me and tease that pretty asshole of mine don’t you.
Includes – Ass worship – Ass Play – Masturbation

Ass Worship Slave

Catching You Looking Upskirt JOI Humiliation Blackmail

Do you have an upskirt fetish? Maybe you just want to jerk off for me while I humiliate you. In this session I think you’re going to love when I do when I bust you for looking up my hot dress trying to look at my pussy.

OMG I can’t believe I just caught you looking up my skirt! You desperate loser, I can’t believe you would just be such a pervert like that trying to see if I had panties on. Were you really looking up my fucking skirt? That’s really sad, you must be so desperate and never get any pussy. Why else would a guy go out of his way to try and look up a girls skirt unless he was a total fucking pervert! Is that what you do go creeping around looking up girls skirts? What a sick fucking creeper, I’m going to call the cops on you and tell them you sexually assaulted me just to teach you a lesson. Ohhh look at you are you actually really sitting there crying like a little bitch now, all scared you’re going to get arrested for being a pervert. Well lucky for you i’m going to give you the chance to stop me from calling the cops. Take your cock and your wallet out right now. DO IT NOW.. You will do exactly what I tell you or else you’re totally fucked.

Includes – Upskirt – Blackmail – Humiliation – JOI

upskirt joi femdom

Worship Coach Sasha’s Oiled Up Ass

Happy Monday,I want you to start your week on your hands and knees beneath my sweet ass. You have an addiction to my ass and now i’m going to make it more intense with my shiny ass cheeks. Teasing you gets me off and this mASSterpiece is going to get you so hard for me.

Coach Sasha’s Oiled Up Ass Worship

I’m going to oil up my beautiful ass and perfect little pussy and get you more addicted to my ass then you already are. My tiny little booty shorts look so good on my ass and Im going to put it right in your face. Get right up under my ass as I get it all nice and oiled up to tease you. My pretty oiled up ass and pussy makes you so submissive. Show me how much you love my shiny pretty perfect ass and pussy. You love when I spread my oiled up shiny ass showing off my pretty pussy and think about cumming all over that glossed up ass of mine. Start stroking to my shiny oiled up ass and give me the worship that I want.
Includes – Ass Worship – Pussy – Femdom – Seduction

Oiled Up Ass