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Fall In Love With Me Seduction ASMR Hypnosis 2

I know how much you’ve been falling in love with me but it makes you love me even more with my soft spoken whispers. Spend your Valentines with my brand new love addiction life coaching session 

Fall In Love With Me Seduction ASMR Hypnosis 2

I’m going to seduce and hypnotize you with my soft spoken voice using ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) My voice in a low soft spoken tone will send shivers down your thighs and tingles in your brain. You will feel totally controlled as my fingertips run over my soft skin making you want me so badly. You’ll do anything to make me happy, my intense breathing teasing you mind controlling you. You love my beautiful tits and my pretty pussy and you just can’t resist it, you can’t stop looking at it, you’re falling in love with my pussy as you look at it right there so close to your face. As my breathing gets more intense you fall deeper and realize that I’m the only one who can make you cum. You’re going to fall completely in love with me.
Includes – Seduction – Pussy Worship – Whispers – ASMR – Seduction

Red Lip Fetish Sensual Seduction Hypnotic JOI

Lip Fetish and mouth fetish enthusiasts will weaken at the sight of my sensual mouth. My red lips are going to seduce and hypnotize you. My lips are lethal to your mind as they will totally control you. Look at how beautiful and full they are, so soft and sensual they taste like strawberries. Don’t you wish you could taste them? Mmmm the way I play with them getting so deep into you mind as you become deeply entranced by my lips. You want to feel them so badly and touch them with your lips and feel them against your body. My lips are so soft and so seductive and you can’t get your mind off them. The more you stare and focus on my lips the more you become entranced with me and you will do anything for my lips. You will do whatever my lips ask of you, my lips have you so hypnotized and turned on. My lips are going to control your orgasm as my lips decide when you’re going to cum. Includes – Brainwashing – Sensual – Femdom – Jerk Off Instruction – Hypnosis


Erotic ASMR Femdom Seduction Whisper Addiction JOI

This is my first erotic ASMR session and I think you’re going to find it highly addicting feeling the tingles that I’m going to give you. I advise you to listen to me through headphones for the full audio experience of going deep into your mind. I’m going to use a technique called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) I’m going to induce brain tingles and and body sensations that will respond to the visual and auditory stimuli. I’m going to use this technique to control your mind making you only want to think about me. You’re going to love the way I whisper in your ear seducing you. My eyes and whispers are going to seduce you into giving me whatever I want. My whispers will control your cock directing you to stroke to my whispers. All you want to do is sign over everything to me, with each whisper and with each stroke you’re going to want to surrender yourself to me. With each stroke you find yourself belonging to me more and more with each stroke of that hard cock as my intimate whispers control you. You will watch this session for 7 days in a row and feel how you need my intense sensory whispers even more then ever.

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Erotic ASMR Whisper