Sweet Sensual Dreams With Sasha ASMR Love Whispers

My ASMR love whispers will keep you from feeling alone on Valentines day.
You want to feel what its like to be loved by me, You want to know what it would like to lay in bed with me while I whisper sensual words of love and lust to you. My whispers and words will send an ASMR like feeling through your entire body. Take a love nap and feel how it would be to be the one I’m in love with. I love how close we are when we are in bed together, going to sleep together. I feel so safe knowing you’re next to me. It’s the best feeling ever, I’ve never felt so close to anyone before, you make me so happy. I love being able to whisper in your ear and get even closer to you. I love blowing you little kisses in bed, Mmmm you smell so good next to me. I love touching your body and kissing you making you fall more and more in love with me. Isn’t this relaxing me in your arms feeling so good next to me holding me so gently. I love the way you touch me, it’s so intense you’re so in love with me and Im falling even more in love with you. You make me so happy, you make my body feel so good. Sweet dreams lover, goodnight.
Includes – Seduction – Role Play – Whispers – ASMR

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