Secretary Sasha Seduces The Boss Virtual Sex Role Play

Secretary Sasha Seduces The Boss Virtual Sex Role Play
We’re out of town on a business trip and you’re mad at me for the way I was flirting with our married big money client. I know exactly how to get you to stop being mad at me and maybe you’ll even give me a little bit of a raise. I come over to your hotel room to try and calm you down about this and keep you from being so worried that I fucked it up. You know I can fix all of this, I’m the best at what I do and I always solve problems. I finally get you nice and relaxed and start to take your mind off things. I begin to undress in front of you and reach over and put my hand on your raging hard cock that I can see. I take your cock out and begin to stroke it and ask you if you want to fuck me. Of course you say yes and once again secretary Sasha solves all the problems and all your worries go away.
Includes – Role Play – Virtual Sex – Orgasm – Pussy – Tits

Virtual Office Sex

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